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How to Make Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a great way to keep fit, whether it is for basic exercise training, or to learn how to defend yourself in the ring.

You can either join a boxing gym, which can be available at many different boxing levels, from beginners to professionals. Or you can learn and practice yourself at home, using video workouts and tutorials, as there are plenty available online.

However, you’re also going to need some basic equipment, such as a pair of boxing gloves. They are extremely important if you’re going to be practicing with a punching bag, for example, as they will protect your hands and wrists from any serious injury and strain. 

Boxing gloves, like most other sports equipment, can sometimes be pricey. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from practicing a sport that you’re interested in.

If you don’t have the funds to spend on a new pair of boxing gloves, why not make your own? It will be a lot cheaper, and it will give you the satisfaction of having made your own sports equipment for your boxing training. 

Take into account, however, that your DIY boxing gloves might not be as safe as normal boxing gloves unless you’ve done them correctly and have followed the right steps to ensure protection.

You should also be aware that your DIY boxing gloves won’t be able to be used in actual gyms, let alone competitions (pretty obvious). But they will be ideal for your own personal training at home, which is more than enough! 

How to Make Your Own Boxing Gloves

If you’re making your own DIY boxing gloves, you first need to make sure you have all of the materials you need.

Then, you can follow our step by step and easy to follow guides to ensure you’re getting them done properly so that you can safely use them for your own personal training! 

There are many different ways in which you can craft your own DIY boxing gloves, but we’re going to give you the steps for two of the most popular and efficient ways that are also super easy to do! 


This first method is one of the most used, and the boxing gloves you will end up with are good to use for personal training, and also look pretty great!

Here is how to get them done:

Materials You Need:

  • A pair of mittens (you are likely to have an old pair lying around in your winter clothing, or you can easily buy a cheap pair at a nearby store)
  • Some hard paper
  • A cutting edge (like, for example, a swiss knife)
  • Pieces of foam (you can either buy some foam at a craft store, or you can source from the inside of an old cushion)
  • Duct tape (you can have different duct tapes of different colors if you want, to personalize your DIY boxing gloves and make them more visually appealing)

Step by Step Guide:

  • First of all, take the mittens and place them on top of some hard paper. Then cut out outlines of the mittens with the hard paper, so you essentially have hard paper-shaped mittens.
  • Secondly, take the mitten-shaped hard paper and place it on top of the foam. Cut out the foam in the same shape. You can choose the thickness you want the foam pieces to be while you are cutting them. The area around the knuckles should be thicker than the rest, as this is where the most protection is needed. 
  • Now that you have all the cutouts, put the mittens on. Then place the mitten-shaped foam on top of your hand, and the mitten-shaped hard paper on top of that on the outside. You should have a layer of the mitten, foam, and hard paper covering your hand. 
  • Use the duct tape by wrapping it around the arranged materials, so that they stay in place on your hand. Be careful not to wrap it around too tightly, or you won’t be able to get your hand out of the DIY glove!
  • Keep applying duct tape until the entire arrangement solidly looks like a full boxing glove. Then remove from your hand, and apply a finishing layer of duct tape to ensure the shape is solid. You can decorate with different colored duct tape to personalize the design if you want.

That’s it! You now have a DIY pair of boxing gloves that you can easily slip on for personal training use. The knuckle should be well-protected thanks to the foam layer, and the shape will be solid thanks to the hard paper!


This second method is another great option that is super fast and super easy.

It’s definitely a great DIY way to get boxing gloves for at-home training, keeping your hands protected as you have a go at the punching bag. 

Here is how to get them done:

Materials You Need:

  • Hand wraps (these are usually worn under boxing gloves and they are a lot cheaper, therefore being more accessible. They’re good to have for your boxing training anyways, but in this case, they also come in handy for making your own DIY boxing gloves)
  • A pair of flip-flop sandals (you’re likely to have an old pair around your beach or swimming materials, or you can purchase one for very cheap at a nearby store)

Step by Step Guide:

  • Take the hand wraps and begin to wrap them around your hand so that they are attached to you. 
  • Once you’ve done one or two layers over your wrist, take a flip-flop sandal and place it on your hand. The sole of the flip-flop should be facing outwards, placed on top of your hand so that the knuckles are cushioned. 
  • Continue wrapping your hand with the hand wrap, wrapping it over the flip-flop sandal so that it remains firmly in place and doesn’t move around. 
  • As you wrap, the flip-flop will begin to curve to the shape of your hand, forming the shape of a boxing glove. 
  • Once you’ve finished wrapping, your DIY boxing gloves are done! 

The sole of the flip-flop is well-cushioned and soft, similar to foam, and will offer the necessary protection for your hands as you punch! 


Making your own DIY boxing gloves is easier than you think.

Whatever method you choose to follow, it essentially consists of wrapping a cushioned and soft material around your hand, with special focus on your knuckles, so that your hands are protected when practicing your punching! 

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