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Best Women’s Gi

Jiu-Jitsu is typically a sport associated with male participation, however, female involvement is now becoming increasingly popular.

A gi plays a central role in BJJ. While the purchase of a gi may not be a central focus for those who are new to this sport, as your skill develops you will want to ensure that you have the right gi.

The market now offers options that are specifically intended for wear by females.

There are many important factors to consider in the process of choosing your gi. This includes the fit, the design, the cut, the weight, and the material composition. 

If you are unfamiliar as to what you should be looking out for we have done the hard work for you and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best gi's available.

For additional help, we have provided a buyer's guide where we have identified our top tips for selecting the best gi for your needs. 

Are you in a hurry? If so, not to worry as we have selected our top pick for you below.


Designed for women, the Fuji IBJJF conforms to a specific fit that contours to the shape of the body.

With a more tapered fit, it has fitted pants and a shorter armed top. It also features a cotton drawstring that allows you to alter the fit according to the size of your body. 

Weighing a total of 550 grams, this is a mid-weight gi that is ideal for heavy-duty training in particular.

The jacket runs slightly large so it is necessary to be aware of this so that you can select your size accordingly. 

This gI is available in a range of sizes to cater to the body shapes of different individuals. It is composed of a cotton blend material that is going to feel gentle and light against your skin for enhanced comfort. 

A particularly nice feature is the pink detailing and cherry blossom design that can be identified on the shoulder sections of the gi.

This adds a feminine touch to a gi that would otherwise be neutral and possibly bland.


  • The tapered waist allows for a more secure fit.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes to cater to the shapes of different individuals.
  • A portion of sales are donated to breast cancer research, so your investment is benefiting a good cause.
  • The cotton feels soft against your skin.
  • The tough and durable design ensures that it is suitable for long-lasting wear.


  • The sizing runs a little large which is necessary to be aware of before making your purchase.


From a brand that is known for producing high-quality sporting clothing, the Sananbul Women's Essential Jiu-Jitsu Gi isn't going to disappoint.

Unlike most unisex offerings from other brands, this gi has been specifically created to suit a female's body. For those who require guidance when selecting their gi, there is a size guide available.

There are multiple sizes available as well as an assortment of colors to cater to different preferences. Each of the sizes come with different colored embroidered detailing which adds a soft touch to the design.

As a lighter gi, it is an ideal option for beginners in particular. It has been preshrunk which eliminates this issue with gi's that are subject to frequent washing. 

This is a single weave gi that offers excellent durability that is sure to deliver long-lasting wear. It also has an athletic pre tapered cut that ensures it is going to conform to a comfortable fit.


  • The fabric has been covered with performance treatment to prolong the life of your gi.
  • The size chart specifically caters to the requirements of women.
  • There are many sizes available to suit the body shapes and sizes of different women.
  • It is affordably priced and excellent value for money.
  • It is a lightweight gi that is ideal for training in warmer climates or competitions.


  • Some customers have reported that the trousers are a little short.


For women looking for an ultralight option, the Elite Sports Ultra-Light BJJ GI is a strong contender.

It is IBJJF approved and has been specifically designed to suit the contours of a women's body. For this reason, you can be sure that it is going to adhere to a comfortable fit. 

As a super lightweight go, it feels soft against the skin which allows for comfortable wear when engaging in intense training. For many, a heavy gi can be challenging and uncomfortable.

This gi is available in a range of sizes to suit the requirements and body shapes of different women.

There is also a variety of colors to suit the preferences of different individuals, with some brighter options and others that are more subtle.

The material used to create this gi is soft and lightweight to ensure that it feels comfortable against your skin. The reinforced stitching allows for a secure fit.

Thankfully the material is also breathable so you can train without having to worry about the build-up of sweat that is likely to be distracting.


  • The cut has been made to suit the body shape of women.
  • It is available in a range of colors to suit individual preferences.
  • It is thick and long-lasting for many wears in the future.
  • Affordably priced, it is an ideal choice for those on a budget.
  • Customers have reported that this gi fits well as stated by the size guide.


  • The belt is a little short which can make it difficult to secure around your waist comfortably.


As a lightweight gi, this garment is ideal for wear when partaking in jiu-jitsu training during the summer months.

Made from pearl weave fabric it is a lightweight and breathable option that is going to feel gentle against the skin for comfortable wear.

We particularly like how this gi has been designed for long-lasting wear. The triple stitching will resist tearing even in areas that are susceptible to becoming damaged easily.

The pants have also been stitched to a high standard to allow for long-lasting wear.

The gi has also been designed with comfort in mind sitting comfortably against your skin to prevent the development of skin irritations.

Adopting a tailored fit, this gi adapts to the contours of the body so that you can move comfortably without having to worry about the material restricting your movement.

It is also available in multiple sizes to cater to the needs of different individuals.

Pink in color, this gi is sure to make you stand out amongst your competitors. You will also receive a free high-quality belt that allows for a more secure and comfortable fit so that your gi doesn't fall out of place. 


  • Affordably priced, this gi is a great option for those who are on a budget.
  • It is covered by a 2 year warranty should you experience any issues.
  • It is fully IBJJF approved so it complies with the expectations of a gi.
  • It comes with a free belt that allows you to achieve a secure fit.
  • It is durably designed to withstand tearing so you can enjoy long-lasting wear of your gi.


  • The size options are a little limited which may be unsuitable for people of different sizes.


The Fluory Ladies Brazilian gi boasts excellent quality that is sure to see you through many wears.

From a reputable brand, known for producing high-quality garments you can be sure that you are going to be investing in a high-quality product. 

This gi has been made from cotton with an EVA foam collar. The combination of both materials accounts for enhanced comfort and a soft feel against your skin.

The cotton is also lightweight and breathable which makes it suitable to wear over a prolonged period.

We particularly like how this Gi has been specifically designed for females so it adapts to the contours of their body for a secure and comfortable fit.

It can be purchased in an array of sizes to cater to the body shapes and sizes of different women. 

As for color, there are multiple options to choose from. This gi is available in pink, white, or green to suit different preferences.

Both the top and bottoms feature detailing that adds an exciting touch to your gi.


  • The material is stretchy but comfortable so you can move freely.
  • The sizing is accurate allowing for a comfortable fit.
  • It is available in a range of colors to suit different preferences.
  • There are multiple sizes available to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.
  • It is lightweight and breathable so you can engage with your sport in comfort.


  • This gi is a little more expensive than our previous picks which may be unsuitable for individuals on a budget.

Best Women's Gi Buying Guide

Certain characteristics should be incorporated into the design of a gi.

Below, we have highlighted some factors that we would recommend you considering before choosing the gi that is best for you.

The Material

The majority of gi's are made from a fabric known as weave. However, there are many variations of this fabric, some of which may appear to be of higher quality than others.

The material can influence several factors such as the weight, the fit, and durability. It is worth paying attention to the reviews surrounding material composition to ensure that it boosts the quality that you require.

The Weight

One of the most important characteristics of a gi is the weight. Some options are very light and others are heavier. The weight of the gi is going to depend on a range of factors the first being your preference.

Many individuals may prefer to wear a lighter gi as it is likely to be easier to move around in. It also depends on whether you are likely to be participating in competitions.

The weight of your gi is often included in your overall entry weight, hence why many prefer a lightweight option. Despite this, there are benefits associated with opting for a heavier gi as the thicker composition tends to provide a greater challenge to competitors. 

The Fit and Cut

As with choosing the best size, it can be difficult to know how your gi is going to fit if you aren't provided without a visual representation.

It is worth paying attention to the reviews surrounding the fit so that you can gain a clear understanding of how well it fits.

Ideally, your gi should conform to the contours of your body while ensuring that you can still move freely.

A gi that is too tight is going to be restricting while one that is too loose is more likely to fall down. 

The Size

It is important to ensure that you select a gi that fits correctly. Of course, when subject to regular washing you are likely to notice shrinkages. Your gi should allow you to move freely so that you can execute your skill.

The size can also fluctuate between brands. You will find some customers who report that the sizing runs a little small and others that suggests the sizing runs a little large.

It is worth considering customer reviews before making your purchase to ensure that your chosen gi fits correctly and this will provide you with a clearer understanding.

When considering the size it is also important to remember that the length of the garment is important too. You may find that particular reviews suggest that the garments are on the shorter side and so it is important to consider this to ensure that you opt for the correct length.

Most brands will offer size guides that are specifically intended for women so you can be sure that you are selecting the best fit for you.

The Style 

The style of the gi is likely to differ slightly between the brands.

Most tend to share similar qualities but there may be a few noticeable differences between each.

Most tend to come with a belt that allows for a more specific fit. 

The Quality

As mentioned, the quality of your purchase is closely linked to the price that you pay.

The materials that have been used to make your gi are going to determine the number of wears that it sees you through.

Those that are poorly made are likely to begin deteriorating in quality at a more immediate pace. 

The Color

You will find many gi's that are available in an assortment of colors which allows you to select your preferred option to cater to your needs.

Some will be brighter and others will be a little more subtle. Some brands may offer their gi in a singular color.

There are also some gi's that incorporate detailing into different sections of the gi to add a more feminine touch, making it stand out a little more when compared to standard gi's made by other brands.

The Brand

Within this industry, particular brands attract repeated purchases from customers. For many a branded purchase is the result of personal preference.

While some may feel as though it serves particular importance to shop with a well-known brand, for others it may be less of a concern.

Well-established brands are likely known for a reason and this is typically because of the high-quality products that they produce.

For those who wish to shop with less known brands, we have included a variety of options to cater to this preference too.

The Cost

You should expect the price of the gi to reflect its quality. If your gi has been made from poor quality materials it is likely to deteriorate at a more immediate pace. Those that have been made from high-quality materials are likely to serve you long-lasting wear.

There are also some brands available that offer affordable options that maintain high-quality standards.

If you have a budget in mind, there will be options available to suit this although you should expect to witness noticeable differences in the quality depending on the brand on which you focus your search.

The Warranty

Some brands will offer gis that are covered by a warranty. This ensures that there is help available if you are dissatisfied with the gi that you receive. For example, you may be unimpressed with the quality or fit.

It is preferable to opt for a gi that is covered by a warranty and the length of the warranty is often reflects how confident the manufacturer and brand are in the quality of the gi's that they produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the color of a gi matter?

Generally, no the color of your gi does not serve a significant purpose in the sport of jiu-jitsu, however, you may find that certain events and championships require their competitors to wear specific colored gi's.

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