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Best Reflex Bag

If you work hard in training, the fight is easy - Manny Pacquiao 

One of the most grievous falsehoods about boxing and MMA is the populist idea that both sports are just about fighting and that the only thing that matters is how you perform in the ring, or the octagon after the bell rings.

It simply isn’t true. While those moments that you spend facing your opponent are important, they’re not the only thing that matters.

Training, discipline, and practice, the backbone of boxing and MMA, they’re the crucial factors that will determine how you function and operate both in the ring and outside of it, in your daily life. 

And Manny’s advice about training is a euphemism that was designed to be a brief guide to the way you handle yourself in the gym and in the real world.

One of the most pivotal weapons in any boxer or mixed martial artist’s personal training arsenal is a reflex bag.

If you can’t find someone to spar with, or can’t make it to the gym or the dojo, and you still need to train and practice, a reflex bag will help you to focus your energy, improve your skills and instill the discipline that will be beneficial both inside and outside the ring. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best reflex bags that you can use to train at home, as well as in the gym, so if you do have to miss a session and you can’t make it to your usual venue, you can just slip your gloves on and get to work.

Let’s bring the gym to you and find a reflex bag that’ll help you to hone and perfect everything that you’ve learned…


There are few names in boxing that carry the sort of weight that Everlast does.

For more than a century they’ve been carving an unbeaten furrow through the world of boxing with their training ready equipment that is designed and manufactured to push you to your limit.

And just when you think you can’t dig any deeper, Everlast will encourage you to dig a little deeper and find reserves that you never knew you had. 

This freestanding reflex bag has been made by Everlast to give you a comprehensive upper body workout and improve your hand and eye coordination.

The spring-loaded pole that the bag is attached to is fast and responsive and imitates the way another fighter would move in the ring, which in turn encourages you to move faster and with more confidence.

It’ll help you to strike faster, learn how to avoid any potential adversaries, and help to target your punches more effectively.

With more than one hundred years of experience under their collective belt, few brands have the same level of understanding that Everlast does when it comes to knowing what boxers and mixed martial artists need in order to train effectively and efficiently.

If you’re going to bring the gym with you, the best way to do it is with a name that you can trust and a brand that puts everything that they’ve learned into everything that they make.

Everlast are champions for a reason, and who doesn’t want to spar with the champ? 


  • It’s a height-adjustable bag with a maximum range of sixty-four inches, that lets you set the height that you’re comfortable sparring at.
  • Spring-loaded, Everlast has fashioned this reflex bag to mimic and replicate the way another fighter will move, which will encourage you to respond in kind and learn how to move as your hand and eye coordination begins to improve. 
  • It’s fast and responsive, and the padding on the medium-weight ball is in place to ensure that your hands and feet will be protected while they’re striking the bag.


  • Even though it has a tried, tested and true home workout record, if the rumors are true, Everlast might be discontinuing this reflex bag and replacing it with a more current and up-to-date model.  While, if as said the rumors are true, that will make the bag more affordable, it also means that if something does go wrong with it, you’re far less likely to get the level of customer support from Everlast that you might like. 
  • And talking about things going wrong, there are a few amateur boxers who have pointed out that the manufacturing quality and durability of the reflex bag aren’t what they’d expect from an Everlast product. Whether those complaints are the reason that Everlast moved this bag closer to their discontinued pile or not, they’re certainly worth thinking about and bearing in mind before you decide that the Everlast way is the only home training path that you’re willing, or want, to take.


For the last thirty years, Ringside has gradually been working it’s way up the boxing ladder to become, in their own words, the undisputed champion of the boxing gear and fitness equipment world.

It’s a belt that they won the hard way, by fighting off the competition with their dependable and trusted products that have found homes in gyms all over the globe.

One of Ringside’s most popular punching bags, the Cobra Reflex is a freestanding, fast return bag that uses a centrally placed industrial strength spring to ensure incredibly rapid response and encourages you to increase the speed of punches, and helps to further develop your hand and eye coordination.

Fully adjustable between five and seven feet and weighted with one hundred and forty pounds of sand (or water if you prefer), the Cobra Reflex has been designed to provide the sort of work-out that you’d usually need to step into the ring to get.

With no inflation needed and being easy to set-up, the Cobra Reflex has been made to be put to good use straight out of the box.

Taking its name from the lightning-quick snake that strikes hard and fast, the Cobra has been infused with Ringside’s boxing DNA and will keep challenging you to be at your absolute best for a lifetime of pugilistic workouts.

If you want to learn the art of precision, the only way to do it is by facing the Cobra. 


  • Fast and incredibly responsive, this reflex bag is intended to help you develop your speed and precision, and the faster you get, the faster it gets.
  • With an adjustable range of five to seven feet, it doesn’t matter how tall you are, the Cobra will respond to whatever you can, and will, throw at it. 
  • And as its base tank is made up to hold up to one hundred and forty pounds of either sand or water, the chances of you knocking it down and it not getting back up are incredibly slim. Unless you’re Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis of course, in which case the Cobra wouldn’t stand a chance.


  • The Cobra, as some diligent and forthright reviewers, have pointed out, tends to suffer from durability problems and can fail (and by fail, we obviously mean fall apart) during intense and hard workouts. As it’s primarily been designed for speed workouts, if you’re more inclined to slugfest style workouts, you might be better off with a different reflex bag.


With a history of ODM (original design manufacturing) to their name, MaxxMMA is a brand that believes that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing better than anyone else can do it.

Their hard-wearing, tough boxing, and mixed martial arts equipment has been built with the everyman fighter in mind and is made to go the distance with you and to help you to become the boxer that you always wanted to be.

This state of the art Cobra Reflex bag is the only one to use MaxxMMA’s patented fully adjustable technology that allows you to increase the speed and distance of the bag’s already fast return.

With four different settings and two interchangeable bags, it’s been designed to grow with you as you become a better boxer.

Made to enhance accuracy, speed, reaction time, and punching power, the advanced Cobra Reflex bag is designed to give you a thorough cardiovascular workout and improve your strength and stamina.

Progress and ability are wonderful tools, but in the hands of the right boxer, they can be a devastating combination.  

Engineered to cope with the demands of the most physical boxers, mixed martial artists, and Muay-Thai devotees, MaxxMMA’s Cobra Reflex bag is efficient and effective and capable of producing the sort of results that’ll help you to ascend to the next level of your chosen discipline. 

It’s been made by the best to help you to become the best version of yourself that you can be, so it’s time to pack your bags and head to Bestville with MaxxMMA. 


  • With two, interchangeable bags and four different distance and speed settings, this reflex bag has been built to give you the sort of workout that you deserve, want, and need. 
  • And if the to head and pair of gel-filled gloves that it’s supplied with haven’t already got you reaching for your pocketbook, then start memorizing your card number as the Cobra Reflex also comes with a core weight bag that can be used to provide extra stability to the base and as an additional workout tool. 
  • It’s also height-adjustable, so, as no two fighters are the same, you’ll be able to raise the bag to the striking distance that suits you.


  • It’s starting to look a little like every reflex bag is hampered by the same things. Durability and manufacturing issues and MaxxMMA’s Cobra Reflex bag is exactly the same. Despite the fact that it uses all manner of bells and whistles proprietary technology to give you the sort of workout that you’ve been dreaming about if you get one that came out of the factory when the quality control machine wasn’t switched on, then it could go the Reflex ball afterlife before you’re ready to say goodbye to it.


As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re die-hard Everlast fanatics, and our devotion to the brand was instilled in us from a young age.

As soon as we were able to climb through the rope, we were sparring using Everlast gloves and working out with Everlast bags.

So, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that another Everlast reflex bag has made our list. 

Using a dual spring system, one at the base and one just below the bag, the Hyperflex is made to mirror an opponent and when you strike and move, it bounces straight back so that you’re forced to counter and work muscles that you never knew you had as you try to keep pace with it.

Built to improve your hand and eye coordination and enhance your speed, precision, and response time, the Hyperflex is made to do what every Everlast product does. Help you to become a better boxer. 

With three fully adjustable settings, the Hyperflex was created to aid you in your quest to find the perfect cardio workout and increase your in-ring ability.

As you become better at what you do, you can adjust the Hyperflex to become better at what it does, so that you can grow and learn together.


  • With three separate, fully adjustable settings, the Hyperflex has been made to accommodate your workouts, and as your ability improves, you can set this reflex bag to follow your lead, so that it will always provide a challenging workout. 
  • Fast, furious, and incredibly responsive, the Hyperflex will keep up with even the most demanding, speed orientated workouts that you can come up with. 
  • It uses a foam bag, and as it’s relatively simple and straightforward to set-up, within five minutes of taking it out of the box, you, and the Hyperflex, will be ready to start working out.


  • Again, it is the same old story that haunts almost every reflex bag, durability. While it hasn’t been made to cope with power-based workouts, it’s all too easy to step over the imaginary line that separates speed and power workouts and inflict some serious damage on the Hyperflex.


Everybody needs to start somewhere and Tech Tools have answered that particular clarion call with this introductory reflex bag that is available in three different models (teen, adult, and pro) that are designed to cater to every level of ability. 

Made to be tough, durable, and strong, this reflex bag has been built to open the door to a much larger boxing and MMA world for anyone who wants to walk through it. 

Using a  single bottom spring that allows the bag to quickly snap back into position after every hit, the Tech Tools reflex bag will shadow your every move and allow you to gradually increase the speed and accuracy with which you strike the bag.

It’s a simple, straightforward, and affordable way to vastly improve your hand and eye coordination and provides a thorough and comprehensive cardiovascular workout.

Just because it doesn’t wear a brand name, it doesn’t mean that this reflex bag isn’t up to the job that it’s been made to do.

It is, and it’ll serve as an ideal introductory reflex bag for anyone with an interest in either boxing or MMA.


  • With a fully adjustable height of up to sixty-three inches, this reflex bag should sit at the right height for any and all potential boxers and MMA fanatics.
  • Easy to set up and use, it provides an easy and clean cardio-vascular workout for anyone and everyone, that’ll also help you to improve your hand and eye coordination at a price that won’t damage your pocketbook.  


  • And we’re back in familiar territory again, as the Tech Tools reflex bag is beset by the same problems that seem to plague all reflex bags. It isn’t the strongest reflex bag and if you go too hard while working out with it, there’s a good chance that it will, quite literally, come apart at the seams. 

Best Reflex Bag Buying Guide

Which Reflex Bag Is The Right One For Me? 

That’s a question that depends entirely on your budget and level of ability.

If you’re just starting your boxing adventure and looking for a way to dip your toes into its waters, then we’d recommend starting with the Tech Tools reflex bag as it’s a simple and affordable way to get a workout and find out if boxing or MMA are the sports in which your future lies. 

If you’re a little further down the boxing path and are looking to seriously hone and perfect your skills as a boxer, or a mixed martial artist, then the reflex bag that we’d recommend despite the fact that we’re Everlast people, is the MaxxMMA Cobra Reflex.

It’s a challenging way to improve your coordination, speed reflexes, and ability and has been designed to accommodate and adapt to, your increasing ability. 

Enjoy your new reflex bag and everything that it will help you to learn, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll see you in the ring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Reflex Bag?

A reflex bag is a piece of mixed martial arts and boxing equipment that can be used to practice and perfect punches and strikes and to provide a simple, but effective cardiovascular workout.

It is also an efficient and simple way to greatly improve your hand and eye coordination and striking precision.

A reflex bag is usually a bag that is mounted on a steel pole which in turn is attached to a fixed base.

It uses a single or number of springs that are designed to let the bag move when hit and imitate the movements of a fighter’s opponent.

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