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Best MMA Punching Bag

For anyone aspiring to start an MMA career or anyone who just enjoys a good exercise workout, an MMA Punching Bag can be an excellent investment.

They can provide a full-body workout, while also encouraging you to develop skills that could come in handy in self-defense at some point in the future.

MMA Punching Bags allow you to hone your skills while getting a good amount of exercise simultaneously, so there’s no question that they are worth the cost. 

But buying an MMA Punching Bag is not an easy task. The fitness market is extremely saturated, and the market for MMA gear is no different.

With so many different products available it can be hard to know which is the best for you which is why we’ve put together this guide. 

It’s packed full of recommendations and all the information you need to know to find the best MMA Punching Bag for you.

In a hurry?

If you need a punching bag to aid your MMA journey in a hurry, we’d recommend buying the Meister 100lb Punch Bag.

This excellent punching bag is packed full of wonderful features which we think make it the best on the market, including:

  • Thick military-grade textured vinyl construction to withstand heavy punches and kicks every time that you work out. 
  • The gym-quality punching bag is perfect for both home and commercial use because of its excellent build. 
  • Includes a reusable outer case which can be used to cover the punching bag when it is being stored, moved, or not in use for long periods. 
  • Comes with integrated heavy-duty hanger strips and comes with D rings to make both hanging and anchoring the punching bag easy.


Our favorite MMA punching bag on the market is the Meister 100lb Punch Bag. This heavy bag is an excellent option for anyone wanting to use a punching bag to increase their MMA ability and has a variety of features that we think make it the best available.

It is designed to be gym-quality that can be used at home and is packed exclusively with different textiles to provide the necessary strength and density to the bag.

Its long cylindrical design measures 60 x 14 inches in diameter making it a perfect option for practicing punches, kicks, and elbow and knee attacks. 

The exterior of the bag is constructed with thick military-grade vinyl for ultimate durability that allows the bag to survive even the most hardcore of workout sessions.

It is the perfect option for both home and commercial use and could be easily installed in both a home gym and a commercial gym. It is consistently solid and receptive to strikes without denting or damaging throughout your workout.

Finally, it includes a reusable outer case which acts as an additional layer of protection for the bag, allowing you to store it within the case when transporting the bag or leaving it unused for a long amount of time.

With all this considered, it’s clear that this is one of the best options available. 


  • Gym-quality punch bag packed with textiles for density 
  • 60 x 14 inch diameter makes it perfect for punches, kicking, elbows and knees 
  • Thick military-grade textured vinyl construction
  • Perfect for home and commercial use
  • Includes a reusable outer case to cover the punching bag when stored or not in use
  • Consistently solid and receptive to strikes 


  • No notable drawbacks 


We also love the RDX MMA Punching Bag. This option is a lot more unique than the last and is excellent value for the money as it is actually part of a 14 piece set.

Due to it being part of a set, this could be the perfect option if you are looking to get into MMA or punch bag fitness as it supplies everything that you need to get started.

This punching bag is also a great option because you can choose to buy it in either black or white, allowing you to buy the one that suits your home gym best. 

The punching bag is constructed with sturdy and hard-wearing, non-tear Maya hide leather and is available in both 4ft and 5ft so that you can buy the option that suits you best.

The bag is stuffed with shredded textiles to provide it with the necessary density and weight to be able to withstand your hits.

Additionally, it is equipped with D shackles at the bottom which allow you to anchor the punching bag to the floor in your home for more stability and an easier workout.

With gloves and other punch bag accessories included in this set, there’s no doubt that the RDX MMA Punching Bag is one of the best MMA punching bags on the market. 


  • Choose between black and white fabric to match your home 
  • Available in both 4ft and 5ft size for you buy the option that suits you best
  • Sturdy and hard-wearing, constructed with non-tear Maya hide leather 
  • Filled with shredded textiles ensuring the bag can withstand the hardest of hits 
  • Sold in a set with gloves and other punch bag accessories
  • Equipped with D shackles to anchor the punch bag to the floor


  • No notable drawbacks 


Another excellent choice is the Outslayer Filled Punching Bag. If a priority for you when buying a product is the location it is made in, you will be happy to hear that this is produced by an American company based here in the USA.

This company also makes their punching bags to order so there is a much more personal aspect to purchasing from Outslayer, than other companies.

This product also comes with up to 10 years warranty and should you be unhappy with your order they have an excellent customer service process. 

This is also an excellent option if you would prefer to buy a punching bag that does not contain sand.

It is common for companies to stuff their punching bags with sand as well as fabric as this is better at providing weight to the bag, however, it can be messy and more prone to damage than a bag that exclusively contains fabric. 

So if you want to avoid these issues, this option could be the perfect punching bag for you. The exterior of the bag is constructed using a sturdy and heavy vinyl material and it is finished off with a D ring at the bottom of the bag allowing you to anchor the punching bag down.

With all of these features in mind, there is no question that this is one of the best options on the market. 


  • Made in the USA 
  • 10 years warranty should you experience issues with the punch bag 
  • Filled exclusively with fabric - contains no sand so you won’t experience sinking or hard spots
  • D ring attached to the bottom to anchor punch bag to the floor 
  • Constructed with sturdy and heavy vinyl material 
  • Made to order, personally for you


  • The outer bag is not sturdy 


You should also consider the Everlast 70lb MMA Heavy Bag. Similar to the Outslayer punching bag, this heavy bag by Everlast has also chosen to be stuffed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic materials instead of the traditional sand route.

It is also similar to the RDX punch bag, as this heavy bag by Everlast is also part of a set. This set includes gloves, boxing wraps, and also a bungee cord which can be attached to the punching bag to create greater resistance for a better and more difficult workout. 

This punching bag is perfectly designed for use with MMA and heavy bag workouts as it is built with resilient shock absorbency to ensure that the bag will not become damaged through your exercise.

On top of this, it is constructed with super tough poly-canvas for durability to ensure that the bag will not rip. It has a customizable height through the use of an adjustable chain, allowing you to raise or lower the heavy bag to suit your workout.

With all of these wonderful features, it is clear that this is one of the best options available. 


  • A heavy-duty bag stuffed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic materials
  • Customizable height with adjustable chain
  • Includes a bungee cord for adding greater resistance and other accessories
  • Constructed with super tough poly-canvas for durability 
  • Built with resilient shock absorbency 
  • The perfect design for MMA and heavy bag workouts


  • The carabiners included are not very sturdy 


Finally, you should think about the Jayefo Trexter Heavy Punch Bag.

This option is completely unique to the others that we have looked at on this list as it is shipped without any filling and requires you to stuff the punch bag yourself. 

It is also available in black, gold, silver, red, and yellow giving you lots of variety and options if you have a specific color scheme in your gym.

Additionally, it is available in 3 different sizes: 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft allowing you to choose the size that suits you best. 

It is constructed with authentic G hide leather and hand-stitched together for endless durability and performance.

The lifespan of the bag is further extended as it has heavy lamination inside of it to provide an extra layer of protection between the stuffing and the exterior of the punch bag. 

Finally, it comes with strong industrial-strength nylon straps which are used to hang the punch bag to your desired location.

With all of these extremely durable features, there is no need to doubt that this is one of the best MMA punching bags available. 


  • Available in black, gold, red, silver, and yellow 
  • Choose between 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft for the punching bag that suits your size best
  • Hand-stitched for endless durability and performance 
  • Constructed with authentic G hide leather
  • Heavy lamination inside of the punch bag makes it ‘unbreakable’
  • Comes with strong industrial-strength nylon straps to hold the punch bag while you workout


  • The punching bag does not come filled

Best MMA Punching Bag Buying Guide

The installation of an MMA punching bag can be an excellent way to take your home gym to the next level.

They are a great option for those who compete in MMA but also just a great option for those looking to step up their fitness. But with so many different options available we understand that the search can be a difficult one.

The products that we’ve looked at above are some of the best available, but if you still aren’t sold, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to give you even more information about MMA Punching Bags. 

Filled Vs Unfilled

One incredibly important thing that you need to consider when buying a punching bag is whether you are going to buy it filled or unfilled. The majority of punching bags will come filled which is convenient for you and requires less effort for you to be able to use it.

However, for the best experience, you might prefer to buy an unfilled bag as this will allow you to know exactly what is inside of the bag and create the perfect firmness for you. There is no right or wrong answer, you should just purchase the one that suits your lifestyle best. 


Another important thing that you need to consider when buying a punching bag is the size of it. This not only includes the physical size of the bag but also the amount that it weighs too.

The perfect weight will depend on your experience, if a child is going to use it you might go for a lighter bag, whereas you would purchase a heavier bag for an experienced MMA fighter.

As you have probably guessed, the heavier the bag, the larger it will be so you should consider this and make a purchase accordingly. 


You will also need to take into account where you plan to hang the punching bag and where you are going to mount it.

The majority of people choose to mount their punching bag to the ceiling, and it is very common for them to be fitted in either the basement or garage of a home.

Different punching bags will come with different mounting kits, and some will be better suited for wall mounting than ceiling mounting so you must consider this before buying. 

Materials Used

You should also consider the material that is used to construct the MMA Punching Bag. The punching bag must be constructed with a durable material on its exterior as this is the part of the bag that will take the brunt of the impact while you exercise.

The most common material that you will encounter is leather, however, it is not uncommon for them to be constructed with manmade materials such as canvas or plastic too.

As long as the material is strong and sturdy, as well as being perfectly stitched together, you should not experience any issues with the punching bag that you buy. 

Cost or Quality

Finally, you need to consider which you value the most: cost or quality. It is incredibly rare for you to find an MMA punching bag that subscribes to both, so you need to consider whether you want a bag that will last a long time but is expensive, or one that is cheap but will only last for a couple of years.

If you are purchasing the punching bag as part of your MMA journey you will more than likely choose quality as you will be using the punching bag a lot. However, if you only want it for exercise purposes you might be tempted by the cheaper price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a punching bag help with MMA?

Punching bags are an extremely underrated piece of gym equipment and they can easily be used to help your fitness.

Using a heavy bag is a great way to develop the strength of both your kicks and your punches which is essential for MMA. 

Increasing the strength of your kicks and punches can help aid the flow of your movements within combinations which further aids MMA fighting.

What is the best material for a punching bag?

A punching bag is an item that will find itself under a lot of pressure. Its main function is to be punched and kicked, so it must be built with sturdy and durable material. It is very common for punching bags to be made out of leather and synthetic nylon thread.

The interior of the punching bag is then often stuffed with sand, fabric fibers, and even in some cases water to provide the weight needed to sustain the blows that you will give the punch bag. 

How high should a punching bag be off of the ground?

Punching bags are designed to be hung for you to be able to punch them. It can be difficult to know how high you should hang the punching bag off of the ground, especially as punching bags come in a variety of different sizes.

You can either connect the punching bag to the ceiling or a mount, and the ideal hanging height is 2.5 meters as this will give the punching bag plenty of room to swivel when you hit it. 

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