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Best EZ Curl Bar

With home gyms and working out outside of a gym becoming more popular, people are turning to professional equipment for home use.

Barebells and EZ curl bars are no exception. With the market being so saturated by unreliable and unregulated lifting equipment it can be daunting trying to make sure you get the right product.

An EZ curl bar is a great place to start a home gym. If you have the right equipment and the correct lifting methods you can use an EZ curl bar to replace all your other weights.

A Full-body EZ curl routine is not only effective but we recommend it for home workouts. An EZ curl bar can have the ability to hold deadlift levels of weight while still being small enough to store under a bed, in a closet, or even in the corner of a room. 

Still though why use an EZ curl bar over a straight bar? The EZ bar excels at specific exercises like curls (obviously) tricep extensions and skull crushers. How it does this is by alleviating some stress and strain from your wrist so that the force is concentrated on your muscle.

The curved grip adjusts your grip position to also remove some tension from your elbows. This makes it great for reducing injuries to these joints. The central bend/curve also helps the bar sit more securely across your lats while you’re squatting or lunging.   

The bar you’ll want depends on a few different factors, your intentions: are you planning on using the bar for full body workouts or simply for arm and shoulder workouts?

Your lifting ability: What is your upper weight limit for bench, squat and deadlift? And where will you store the equipment? 

Once you’ve got an answer to these you’ll be able to make your own decision on which bar to get for your workouts.

To make it a bit easier we’ve chosen our top 5 EZ curl bars that are catered to different workouts and abilities.

We’ve also included a detailed buyers guide and FAQ at the bottom so you can feel confident in purchasing one of these bars. 

In a rush?

Is your pre-workout about to kick in and you’re ready to get your pump right now?

Not to worry we’ve got our top pick right here for you with just a few reasons why it’s our favorite.


The Goplus EZ Curl Bar is a great piece of workout equipment.

With this one you’ll be able to see and feel that professional quality that you’re used to from the gym but in the comfort of your own home.

  • 48” total length.
  • 2-inch diameter bar ends for Olympic plates.
  • Rated for 400lbs total weight.
  • Protective and stylish black coating. 
  • Copper-sleeve bearings at each end.

This EZ curl bar measures out at 48 inches in length with 6 inches on each end for holding plates.

Speaking of the ends, they measure 2 inches in diameter meaning you can use any Olympic standard plates ranging from 2.75lbs to 55lbs. 

The bar ends are built with a copper-sleeve bearing rotation system to reduce the effect of inertia on your lift and cleaning up your snap. 

The bar is built from Q235 steel and is rated for 400lbs of total weight which means you can easily do your deadlifts, squats and bench presses with this.

If you can lift any heavier than that we would recommend getting a 45lbs Olympic barbell.

The surface of the whole bar is covered in a protective black coating that reduces the effects of sweat and humidity. This means you can store your bar in the garage without worrying about the possibility of rust.

The black coating also gives this bar a professional look that you won’t find with cheaper EZ curl bars.

The knurling on the bar is deep enough to enforce your grip without chafing the hand. One thing to note about the knurling is that it doesn't extend along the whole of the bar, only along the second curve.

What this means is that if you were to do concentration curls you might have to grip the bar a little harder to make sure it doesn’t slip.

The bar itself weighs 19lbs making it perfect for warming up without being too heavy for form correction.

Goplus even rated the bar as being able to withstand constant heavy use (200lbs-400lbs) for a year without warping or bending.

The Olympic EZ Curl Bar has been tested for the: bench press, bicep curl, tricep extension, skull crusher, overhead press and pullover, squat, deadlift, and even reverse preacher.

Meaning you can rest assured that your workout routines are covered by this bar.


  • 400lbs maximum weight limit means you can do your full workout with 1 piece of equipment.
  • The bearing rotation system reduces injury by mitigating the inertia.
  • The 2-inch plate sleeve makes this perfect for Olympic standard weights.
  • The professional looking black coating helps protect the bar from rust and wear.
  • Professional knurling for optimal grip.   


  • Doesn’t come with springs or clamps for weights.


Our second pick is the Olympic Hollow Bar Kit from Marcy. This kit has been made to cater to someone with a mostly full home workout setup.

This kit is specifically designed for an all round arm and shoulder workout without too much effort or emphasis on massive weights for full body exercises. 

The set comes with a standard 47-inch EZ curl bar rated at around 200lbs and 2 dumbbells rated at 50lbs each. 

The weight sleeves of all 3 pieces measure 2 inches in diameter and are therefore suited for Olympic weights.

The bar ends are also protected by rounded non-marking end caps to prevent floor scuffs and also to make the plates easier to slide on. 

Due to its hollow steel design, the EZ curl bar weighs only 6lbs meaning that it isn’t the best for warm ups but it is great for form correction.

The low weight makes this set ideal for any beginner as 6lbs is light enough for anyone to start lifting.

The fact that it is so lightweight also means that your storage options are broadened as the bars can sit on top of a cupboard or on a shelf without concern that they’ll bow the wood.

Marcy includes 6 collar springs to lock your weights in and stop them from slipping. Each spring has rubberized handles making it easier to use and more comfortable to grip.  

The grips on all 3 bars are knurled steel meaning that you’ll still be able to grip the bars even after you’ve built up a sweat. The groves in the grip are quite deep so you won’t have to worry about slippage.

All 3 bars are chrome plated to repel rust and standard wear.


  • A lightweight design makes this ideal for beginners and storage.
  • The 2-inch plate sleeve makes this more accessible to the most common weight form.
  • You get 3 separate pieces of equipment with this kit meaning you can concentrate on individual muscles easier.
  •  The included spring collars mean you only have to purchase plates to start lifting.
  • The deep knurls increase overall grip.


  • The hollowness of the EZ curl bar means your upper limit in terms of weight is much lower than a solid steel bar.


Number 3 on our list is a fixed weight EZ curl barbell.

This one from TITAN sits at a decent weight for most arm and shoulder workouts at 50lbs the Fixed EZ Curl Barbell can also be used for some light back and chest exercises.

TITAN is a fairly well known brand in the fitness industry so you can guarantee quality with their weights, not only quality products but also quality customer service, as is demonstrated by the amazon reviews of the product.

The curl of the bar is quite angular so your hands slide into place quite easily and the knurling on the grips is just right, not too deep as to be uncomfortable and not too shallow as to be ineffective.

The grips measure 1.25 inches in diameter which isn’t too thick that it’s unwieldy and also not so thin that you doubt the grip.

The weighted ends are completely rubberized so that any small bumps into walls or the floor won’t leave you searching for the filler.

The bottom of each weighted side is also flattened to stop the barbell from rolling into a mirror or piece of furniture and ruining it. 

The ends being a fixed weight does make this a bulky unit and we would therefore recommend storing it in the garage or under a bed where it can be laid flat.

It does however also mean that you won’t have to spend 10 minutes of each workout trying to change your weights around. 


  • Fixed weight means workouts can start immediately.
  • The rubberized coating protects your floors and walls from scuffs.
  • The knurled 1.25-inch barbell secures your grip.
  • The 50lbs total weight is substantial enough for a good arm workout.


  • Fixed weights mean you can’t alter the weight of the barbell for varied workouts.


The 47-inch Super Curl Bar from Elevens is an amazing offering for the price. It has a large portion of the same features as the Goplus Olympic EZ Curl Bar but at almost a third of the price.

The weight sleeves are 2 inches in diameter and 7 inches in length. This means you can add Olympic standard plates to this EZ curl bar and use it for a full workout. 

The sleeves also use a bearing system to allow the plates to rotate a full 360° without resistance, reducing the effect of inertia on your wrists and cleaning up the whole lift. The bearings are copper sleeved to reduce friction. 

The bar weighs 18lbs in total and can support weights up to 300lbs. This makes it ideal for warm ups and form correction exercises.

The 300lbs upper limit should be enough for the majority of lifters to use it for squatting, deadlift and even bench pressing. 

Elevens has increased the space that is knurled along the bar supposedly reducing the strain on your joints and further reducing the chance of an injury occurring.

The diamond knurls themselves are mechanically etched into the bar. This offers a superior grip without the introduction of sharp edges that can irritate the hand after extended use.

The bar is chemically etched to add a layer of rust repellent and the plate sleeves are chrome plated stainless steel meaning your plates will slide on easily during the entire life of the product.

Elevens has so much confidence in their offer that they have a 100% Quality Service Guarantee.

They claim that if you find any issue with your product they will send you a brand new one completely free of charge.


  • The 300lbs upper limit is enough for a full body workout.
  • Olympic standard plate sleeves allow you to use high quality heavy weights.
  • The extended mechanically-etched diamond knurls increase grip to supplement unnecessary tension on your joints.
  • Excellent customer service from Elevens.


  • The chemical coating on the bar can wear away after months of usage.


The last item on our list also comes from Marcy. This 2-piece Super Curl bar melds the accessibility of dumbbells with the benefits of an EZ curl bar.

Marcy has made this curl bar break apart into 2 pieces for easier transport and storage without compromising the structural integrity of a single piece steel EZ curl bar.

The bar weighs 12lbs total and can support weights up to 150lbs, this makes it ideal for most upper body workouts with some capability to use it for leg workouts (we’ll come back to that in a bit).

The threaded bar ends are only 1 inch in diameter and therefore only accept 1-inch weights which you’d normally find for dumbbells.

The whole bar is 47 inches long and offers 6 inches of space to place plates on.

Marcy offers a weight securing method with this bar also. Instead of spring collars, Marcy has included threaded spin lock collars that fit onto the threaded sleeves and lock the plates in place with no room for them to shuffle around.

The aggressive curve in this EZ curl bar locks your hands into the correct position when lifting. It also allows you to straddle your weights across your ankles (with some cushioning) to perform quad raises in a seated position.

The joint in the center also allows for a bit extra space to grip for concentration presses and skull crushers.

The knurled grips are chrome plated to ensure you don’t see signs of wear on the bar.


  • The 2-piece design allows for easier transport and storage.
  • The threaded 1-inch sleeves allow you to use any dumbbell weights you may have.
  • The included spin lock collar secures weights to the bar. 
  • An aggressive curve near the grips increases the versatility of the bar for other exercises.


  • The fact that there are moving parts means that there are more possible points of failure, however if you stay under the 150lbs limit this shouldn’t be an issue.

Best ez Curl Bar Buying Guide

If you’re looking to purchase an EZ curl bar to either add to your home gym or start a home gym you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

The maximum weight rating of the bar, The sleeve size, the bar angles, the knurling and the finish. If you look at all of these criteria and tick off each one you’ll have the perfect EZ curling bar for yourself.

If you’re still not sure what we mean by some of those don’t worry we’ll break them down individually for easier understanding.

Maximum weight rating:

The maximum weight rating of the bar is quite self-explanatory but basically you should be thinking about your capabilities in lifting.

If you have a maximum deadlift of 200lbs then you won’t need a bar that’s rated for 400lbs.

If you’re looking to improve on your 1RM then getting one rated for 250lbs or even 300lbs would be a good idea. 

Sleeve size:

The sleeve size relates to the diameter of the ends of the curl bar. There are really only 2 options here and where possible we would normally recommend aiming for a 2 inch diameter as these are the most accessible weights.

These are the Olympic standard and are therefore generally accepted as better. 1-inch weights are normally used for adjustable dumbbells and if you already have a bunch of these lying around then go for a 1-inch sleeve EZ curl bar.

You’ll also find that the weight rating of a 2-inch bar is significantly higher than a 1-inch. You also gain access to bars with bearings built into the sleeves when you go for a 2-inch bar, this is another injury avoidance feature.

The bar angles:

The main reason for choosing an EZ curl bar over a straight bar is for the angle of the grip. The slight angle at the grip reduces wrist strain and moves tension from your elbow to your muscles.

When looking at the angle of the curve you don’t want to go too aggressive as a vertical grip works better for hammer curls and you may be looking for a different product.

You also don’t want to go for a mild curve as this mitigates the effects of the angle. If possible try the bar out and see which works for you, if this isn’t possible go for a middle ground where you know the angle won’t be so offensive either way.


The knurling of a bar refers to the textured steel where you would place your hands. Stronger knurling increases the amount of friction of a bar and therefore secures the grip but it can also irritate the skin of your hand as it acts like a wood file.

Too weak of a knurl can feel comfortable to use but can become dangerous especially as your workout progresses and the bar moistens with sweat, the last thing you want to do is drop a heavy weight at the apex of a lift.

We recommend a stronger knurling with most EZ curl bars, if it turns out to be an irritant a pair of lifting gloves can come in handy.


The finish of your bar can be the difference between leaving it in the garage after an intense workout and having to take off each individual weight so that you can store the bar in your closet.

A chemical coating can help your bar resist corrosion and therefore make it more durable but it can also reduce the effect of your knurling. If you know you’re going to be storing your EZ curl bar somewhere dry and away from the elements then a standard chrome finish will be adequate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an EZ curl bar instead of dumbbells?

Dumbbells are some of the most versatile pieces of home workout equipment, you can workout almost all muscle groups with a good set of adjustable dumbbells. Can they be replaced? Of course!

With the correctly rated EZ curl bar and sufficient weights, your EZ curl bar can be your whole home gym setup.

You will need to learn suitable exercises and make sure you have adequate room to perform your workouts but as we’ve mentioned above a good enough EZ curl bar can be used for deadlifting. 

Armed with this knowledge you should be able to go out there and start your home workouts. Remember to always warm up, if this is your first time lifting or just your first time in a while, ease into it, never rush.

Happy Lifting. 

Rayford Baxter
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