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Best Curl Bar

Whether you know them as curl bars or barbells, they are a vital piece of equipment for any fitness fanatic or budding home gym-er! 

A curl bar allows you to undertake a wide range of exercises such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, weight training, and powerlifting.

They are handy pieces of equipment that will enable you to work out at your own pace with a desired amount of weight attached. 

Finding the best curl bar can be challenging, though. There’s a wide range of types and ensuring you find the right curl bar is essential. But where do you start?

Well, start here! We have found the best curl bars on the market, reviewed them, and included a buyer’s guide and FAQ section to ensure that you go forth with all the essential information to purchase the best curl bar! 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your curl bar and go!


Marcy’s curl bar is an excellent option for those after a muscle isolation workout. 

The bar has chrome-plated construction and is designed for weightlifting and bodybuilding.

The bar is made from high-quality steel and has a smooth finish to resist corrosion and prevent materials from sticking to the bar. Great if you are a fan of liquid chalk when working out! 

The bar is compatible with standard 1-inch plates and comes with threaded posts and spinlock collars to provide you with a hassle-free workout experience.

The curved design of the bar allows for a versatile training experience! It allows for precise contact from your hand to the shaft for superior hold and multiple grip positions for a comfortable lifting experience. 

The spinlock collars while keeping your weights securely to avoid any shaky or unstable plates while you lift! Some customers found the angle of this bar unsuitable for their desired activities. 

Marcy’s bar is also fitted with knurled grips that will enhance your grip while you lift. The textured grip will allow for a comfortable grip while working out and stop the bar from slipping when you are a sweaty betty!  

The bar comes as two pieces that are easy to assemble, with the pieces connecting in the bar’s middle.

The bar can be stored as one piece or dismantled quickly, great for those looking to save on space or who do not have a dedicated gym space in their homes. 

Customers enjoyed how easy it was to assemble and the versatility of the bar! It also comes with a two-year warranty, so you can lift your weights, knowing you are in safe hands should anything happen! 


  • Chrome-plated steel construction
  • Versatile curved bar 
  • Spinlock collars included 
  • Knurled grips provide a better grip during workouts.
  • 2-year warranty


  • Angle design means it is not suitable for every fitness level. 

More time to browse? Check out our other great options below!


Cap’s curl bar is an EZ-style curl bar that won’t cost you too much! The bar is a hefty one, weighing 10lbs on its own, and is designed to hold standard 1-inch plates. 

The solid chrome steel bar has a maximum weight capacity of 200lbs and has threaded ends for easy addition of weights. You also get spinlock collars with the bar to keep the weights firmly in place as you lift.

The collars are excellent for isolating and intensifying your bicep and forearm workout to get the muscles poppin’ and decreasing any discomfort your elbows and wrists may feel during the training. 

The bend in this bar isn’t as dramatic as some others, like the Marcy piece we just looked at; however, it will still provide the right amount of bend for your workout.

Cap’s bar will be similar to curl bars in most gyms; it may even be the one in use at your local gym! 

Some customers found that the bar’s finish was removed easily when in use, something to be aware of before purchasing. This should not impact your use of the bar, though. 

Customers enjoyed the low price point of the bar and its excellent quality, given the price. The knurling across the bar’s entire surface allows for a range of grips and a diverse workout! 

It is an excellent bar for those on a tight budget but still wants a high-quality bar with an impressive weight load capacity for their weightlifting needs. 


  • The solid chromed steel provides increased durability. 
  • Collars are included 
  • Affordable 
  • Nice bend in the bar 
  • Knurling across the surface


  • Finish removes easily


For those with a bigger budget, the Body-Solid curl bar could be the one for you!

The bar is designed for 2-inch Olympic weights and has a whopping 300lb weight capacity making it an excellent option for weightlifters and professionals!

The bar itself weighs 16.5lbs, heavier than some others on the market, and is 47” long. It features a 7-inch collar length and 31.5inch inside sleeve length. 

The black bar has angled dual grips, which work to avoid injuries and protect you during powerlifting exercises. 

Body-Solid’s bar features rotating sleeves that will allow for larger weights to move without causing any discomfort to yourself while you exercise.

They are quiet when they do this, which customers praised, as it did not distract them from their workout. 

The knurling on the bar provides no slipping while you workout, with the knurling being about a medium in terms of depth. Great for keeping the bar firmly in your hand and still being comfortable. 

Some customers noted that the bar arrived with oil on which needs to be removed before use. 

Those with a larger budget looking for a high-quality bar should look no further than this bar from Body-Solid! 


  • The dual grip helps avoid injury during powerlifting 
  • Suitable for 2-inch Olympic weights 
  • 300lb weight capacity, great for professionals 
  • Knurled grip to prevent the bar from slipping
  • Sturdy feel when using the bar


  • Expensive


Another great option from CAP is their Olympic EZ curl bar. Available in black or chrome, the bar is decently priced and offers a sturdy hold for those looking to lift some heavy Olympic weights. 

The bar is suitable for 2-inch weight plates and features solid steel construction with a chrome finish providing strength and durability. 

CAP’s bar weighs 15.5lbs and has a length of 47-inches, making it one of the longer bars on the market! An excellent option for taller athletes.

It has 13-inches of knurling on each side for a comfortable grip while working out. 

The knurling on the bar is diamond-patterned, which allows for added comfort and grip while lifting those heavy weights! The knurling provides added security while you are also lifting.

A bar is an excellent option for those wanting to target their triceps, biceps, back, and chest muscles and provides a range of ways to exercise these in the comfort of your own home. 

The bar has an impressive 200lb weight capacity, great for those after a good home workout! It is made from 51,000 PSI tensile strength steel for a durable and robust bar that will last you a good while! 

CAP only offers a 30-day manufacturer's warranty with this bar, which was off-putting for some customers, but this should not be too concerning! 

Those after a bar that isn’t too expensive and is made of the excellent quality you know you can trust, this could be the bar for you! 


  • Solid steel bar with chrome finish 
  • 200lb weight capacity
  • Suitable for 2-inch plates only 
  • 13-inch diamond pattern knurling on each side of the bar 
  • Rotating sleeves reduce pressure on hands and wrists


  • It only has a 30-day warranty.


Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar for Strength Training, Home Gym Equipment, 47”

Titan’s curl bar is another great one to consider! Measuring at 47-inches, it is longer than other bars on the market and holds Olympic sized plates (2 inches).

The longer bar is excellent for taller athletes or those who want to do close grip bench presses or upright rows with this bar. 

The rotating sleeves are securely attached, giving this bar a real high-quality look and feel. The rotating sleeves allow for larger plates, which tend to spin during workouts without any discomfort to you as you exercise. 

You do pay for this premium quality, though, as this bar is an expensive option. Customers have praised the high quality of this bar for its durability and high-quality coating. 

The knurling is across the whole bar and is quite deep to provide a firm grip, great for avoiding any slippage during your workout. 

Titan’s bar features sharp angles, which allow for a different kind of grip and will enable you to diversify your workout should you wish to.

You don’t get any spring collars with this bar, and as some customers noted, the sleeves can get a little slippery, so it is worth investing in a set of collars. 

Those with a bigger budget after a long bar with deep knurling need to look no further than this bar from Titan! Just be sure to add a set of spring collars to your basket, too, before you purchase!


  • Suitable for 2-inch plates 
  • Rotating sleeves 
  • Comfortable to use 
  • Sharper angles allow for an intense workout. 
  • Deep knurling on the bar


  • Expensive 

Best Curl Bar Buying Guide

Not sure what you need from your curl bar? Our buyer’s guide will help you there! 


Curl bars are different from the straight bars you usually see in your gym and categorized by their sleeve size, Olympic or Standard.

You can also get an EZ curl bar, which features a zig-zag style bar, designed more for bicep and tricep exercises.

It is worth considering the type of exercise you will want to use the bar for before making your purchase!

Olympic vs. Standard

The sizes of curl bars are usually listed as Olympic or Standard sized sleeves. If you already own curl bar weights, this may make the decision process easier.

If you already have  1-inch weights, it’s best to opt for the standard bar that fits 1-inch weights. 

For those with 2-inch weights, then it's the Olympic bar for you! It’s essential to choose the right size for your weights to avoid the hassle of having to return the bar. Of course, this could be an opportunity for you to treat yourself to new weights as well as a new bar! 

For those who don’t already own bar weights, there is more freedom with selecting the bar. 

How much can she hold?

The maximum weight capacity is a vital factor to consider when purchasing your curl bar. You don’t want it to buckle under your weights or be outgrown quickly! 

You may not need the largest capacity available, but you don’t want to be left with a bar you can only use for a few weeks. It is worth considering the goal weight you want to lift or workout with to help make this decision. 

Remember that there is no rush to be lifting the maximum weight on your curl bar; take your time, and only consider purchasing a new bar when you can lift the maximum weight with ease. 


Not just for the maths classroom, angles matter in your home gym too! There can be a slight variation between brands on the angles that are on the bar. A curl bar provides better wrist comfort than straight bars, which is why you are here with us today! 

However, you may not want angles too pronounced depending on your needs. If possible, it’s a good idea to check out the bars at your local gym and see what feels best for you! Sometimes trial and error are needed here to get the right fit for you and your workout plans. 

Got a firm grip?

When it comes to your curl bar, you want to ensure you can grip it firmly and comfortably during your workout. Knurled grips are a pattern used on your curl bar’s handles that work to prevent your hands from slipping. 

They are easy to hold and helpful when you are tackling new weights to ensure a slip-free grip! Knurling provides crucial safety while lifting and offers further support when you are exercising.

It may be worth looking for bars that feature knurling across the whole bar, as this will provide you with the option to explore a variety of hand positions across the bar. 


Curl bars are almost always made with a solid steel bar, strong enough to hold the weight you want to lift. While this is an excellent material that will provide strength and durability, the finish is equally important. Who would have known it was all in the finish, lads? 

The bar’s finish will help protect the bar from chipping or corrosion, great if you have butterfingers or work with deadlifts a lot. The finish is usually chrome or 

matte black, which can provide a stylish element to your home gym. 

How much?

The curl bars’ price can range dramatically, leaving you a little stumped with how much you should be spending. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune, though, to get a good quality curl bar. Be sure to set a clear budget before beginning your search. If you are unsure, think about an essential factor for you to help set the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get those unanswered questions answered now! 

What is a curl bar?

A curl bar is a solid steel weight bar measuring roughly 4 feet long with Olympic or Standard sleeves to fit different weights.

They will look slightly different from the other bars you see at the gym, thanks to the W shape between the sleeves and collars. Hence the name, curl bars. 

The different design makes the bar more comfortable to hold for both your hands and wrists, which gives you less time to focus on the pain and more time to focus on the gain! 

What’s better: a curl bar or dumbbells?

Workouts can be a personal preference, but we all want to know the best way to work out. A curl bar and dumbbells have a few differences; we recommend reading through these to help make the best decision for your workout needs. 

Generally speaking, dumbbells require a lot of attention, with every movement requiring a great deal of concentration. They are great for helping correct muscle symmetry as you can work one arm at a time, which is nearly impossible with a larger curl bar! 

A curl bar will simultaneously work both bicep muscles, and thanks to its large and sturdy construction, it can handle a lot more weight than a dumbbell. Great for those after the Popeye physique. 

Dumbbells will help to provide symmetry and proper shape, whereas a curl bar will provide maximum muscle strength. It is worth considering the difference between bilateral and unilateral movements as well.

When working out with unilateral movements, you will use twice the energy compared to bilateral, resulting in sometimes a more challenging workout. 

Both have their benefits, and we would recommend incorporating a mixture of dumbbells and curl bar exercises into your workout routine to get the best of both worlds and build some serious muscle and strength! 

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