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Best Boxing Wraps

As a boxer, protecting your hands and wrists ensure that you are always able to fight to the best of your ability.

While some may not consider them to be a necessity, we would recommend you investing in boxing wraps as they support and protect the hands from injury.

Not only are they important for safety reasons, but they can benefit your performance too.

For those who are uncertain as to what they should look for in a high-quality boxing wrap, not to worry as we have done the hard work for you.

We have browsed the market and selected our top five picks of the best boxing wraps available to ensure that they are worthy of your purchase.

If you require additional guidance before making your purchase, below we have included a buyer's guide where we have outlined our top tips and factors to consider before investing in your boxing wrap.

Are you in a hurry? If so, we have identified our top pick for you below.


From a brand that is renowned within this industry for producing high-quality products, the Sanabul Elastic Boxing hand wraps aren't going to disappoint.

As stated by the name, they are professional hand wraps that are ideal for advanced boxers that are seeking greater comfort and support.

These wraps intend to protect your wrists and knuckles by offering sufficient support and have been created by professionals who know what to incorporate into boxing wraps.

Regardless of the size and the weight of your hands, you are sure to find this hand wrap adequate. 

We particularly like how these hand wraps have been composed of stretchable polyester as this ensures that they are going to fit tightly without restricting your movement in any way.

It also ensures that these wraps remain comfortable and secure. The breathability of the material creates a hand wrap that is going to dry quickly following exposure to moisture.

As expected, this hand wrap boasts a hook and loop closure design that makes it easier to put on and take off.

This wrap is 180" long so you are provided with a sufficient amount of material to secure the wrap multiple times.


  • These wraps are available in a range of colors to suit different preferences.
  • As semi elasticated hand wraps they aren't going to become loose once your gloves have been put on top of them.
  • Affordably priced, this hand wrap is excellent value for money.
  • It has been made by professionals who know what to look for in good quality hand wraps.
  • The size ensures that there is plenty of material available to suit larger hands too.


  • The durability of these hand wraps could be improved to ensure that they can withstand regular use.


Manufactured by another well-known brand, the Everlast hand wraps meet professional and amateur requirements to ensure that they are suitable for a range of players.

When wearing these hand wraps you are sure to exhibit your best boxing performance. 

These hand wraps have been made from cotton which is an inexpensive option that is likely to see you through many uses.

The material composition accounts for excellent durability to ensure that your hand wraps are going to see you through many uses without deteriorating.

In regards to size, these hand wraps measure 120" which ensures that there is adequate material available to offer enhanced support and protection to the necessary areas of your hands.

Additionally, these wraps sport a thumb loop and velcro closure design that allows you to secure the wrap without fear of it becoming loose.

Made using breathable cotton fabric, these wraps possess antimicrobial qualities that fight odors while preventing the development of bacterial growth.

This ensures that the hand wraps remain healthy even when worn over prolonged periods and this also helps to eliminate the build-up of sweat.


  • The material is machine washable which makes it easier to maintain the quality.
  • These hand wraps meet professional and amateur requirements.
  • There is an assortment of colors available that allows you to select your preferred option.
  • They fit well and feel comfortable against the skin.
  • As lightweight hand wraps they are easy to wear without feeling too heavy.


  • Some may find them to be a little too short for their requirements. 


With raving reviews and an excellent star rating, the Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps are a worthy contender.

The combination of elasticated and comfortable materials ensure that your hands and wrist are sufficiently supported so you can continue to box to the best of your potential. 

As for durability, you can be sure that these hand wraps are going to see you through regular wear while resisting tearing and damage.

They are also machine washable which allows you to maintain the quality and freshness for future uses. 

The brand spoils you with the extensive range of colors available. From more neutral and subtle colors to brighter, fluorescent, and neon colors, there is an option available to compliment the taste of every individual.

You are also provided with two rolls so you have enough for both hands.

Boasting a hook and loop design, the wrap is easy to put on and take off and you can also be sure that it is going to remain securely in place once you have done so.

The tape measures an impressive 180" in length so you have plenty available to ensure that your hands are sufficiently wrapped and protected. 


  • There is an expansive range of colors available to suit different preferences. 
  • Suitable for machine washing, you can maintain the quality of your wraps. 
  • They are effective in withstanding harsh impact. 
  • They aren't overly stretchy so they provide great support.
  • The thickness ensures that they are sufficiently padded to offer the protection that is required.


  • Some may find them a little too rigid in allowing them to secure the wraps to the contours of their hands.


The Meister Adult Semi-Elasticated hand wraps are an excellent choice for those participating in MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and other sports that require heavy use of your hands and wrists.

These wraps have been designed to offer enhanced support while ensuring that they can be discreetly worn beneath gloves.

Impressively, these wraps are available in an assortment of colors with some patterned options available too. Thanks to the extensive selection, you can choose according to your individual preferences. 

These hand wraps have been made from a cotton and spandex blend which boasts high quality while ensuring that all key regions of your hand and wrist are supported and protected from impact.

Measuring 180" in length, you have plenty of wrap available to ensure that your hands are sufficiently wrapped. They are also sold in a pair so that you have a wrap available for each hand.

In regards to putting on and taking off the wraps, they feature a hook and loop strap along with a thumb loop that allows you to do so with ease.

This also helps to ensure that the wraps remain securely in place for the duration of time that you are boxing. 


  • Affordably priced, these hand wraps are great value for money.
  • There is a variety of colors on offer to compliment the tastes of different individuals.
  • They are breathable and absorb sweat for long-lasting wear.
  • These wraps are easy to put on and maintain.
  • 180" long, you have plenty of wrap available to ensure that your hands are sufficiently padded.


  • The color of these wraps is prone to bleeding and blending in the wash.


The RDX boxing hand wraps offer a quick solution ensuring that your hands and wrists are sufficiently padded before you engage in any boxing activity.

As compact gloves, they can be worn beneath your boxing gloves while maintaining excellent shock absorbency and protection. 

Made from woven carbon fiber fabric, these are lightweight hand wraps that are going to feel comfortable against the skin.

As a durable material, it also prevents tearing even when worn during intense and rigorous training sessions.

Although this is a sturdy material it isn't overly stiff which makes them easy to wear without restricting your movement.

We particularly like how these hand wraps incorporate thermal regulation technology which accounts for excellent breathability.

Regardless of how intense your workouts become or how much you sweat, these wraps are going to absorb moisture to ensure that your palms remain dry and free of any unwanted odors. 

Unlike our previous picks, these wraps come in a range of sizes including small, medium, large, and X large. There are also multiple colors to choose from so you can select your favorite option.


  • The thermal regulation technology is breathable and maintains fresh hand wraps.
  • The hook and loop design ensures that the wraps remain securely positioned on your wrists. 
  • There are different sizes available to cater to the size of different individuals' hands.
  • Boasting a high-quality design they are likely to see you through many wears. 
  • These wraps are quick and easy to put on.


  • They retail at a higher price than our previous picks which may be unsuitable for those on a budget. 

Best Boxing Wraps Buying Guide

While you may feel that boxing wraps require minimal thought as it is a pretty simplistic purchase, this is not the case and there are several factors to consider before making your purchase.

Below we have detailed our top tips for selecting the best product.

The Type of Boxing Wrap

The first step to determine is the type of boxing wrap that you require as there are many variations available on the market.

The most popular types of wraps are made from cotton as they are long-lasting and likely to see you through many uses with suitability for beginners and advanced boxers alike.

Another popular choice is Mexican hand wraps which are praised for their elasticity while remaining comfortable for prolonged use. Another option is gel hand wraps which are still currently gaining popularity.

They tend to be commonly sought after due to the protection that they offer. Finally, another common type of wrap is tape. Tape provides you with greater flexibility to secure the hand wrap to a position that you feel to be the most secure and comfortable.

Hook and Loop

You will find that the majority of hand wraps have a hook and loop feature which allows you to fasten the wrap when you require its use and also allows you to loosen it with ease when you need to take it off.

This feature is typically known as a velcro strap which lets you fasten the hand wrap to the most secure fit ensuring that it doesn't come loose as you box as this is likely to prove distracting.

The Comfort

While it is important to ensure that the wraps fit well and protect your wrists, it is also important to ensure that they are comfortable when they are secured in place too.

The material is also likely to affect how comfortable the wraps are as you may find that some press against the skin and as such they are likely to cause discomfort and possibly result in irritations. The padding is also going to influence how comfortable they are.

The Padding

The padding of the wraps is going to determine how effective they are at protecting your hands.

Of course, your boxing gloves are going to play a significant role in protecting your hands as your box, but the padding of the wraps is also going to be an indicator of the quality too.

Those that are poorly padded are likely to be ineffective in providing your hands and wrists with sufficient support.

The Length

The length of the hand wrap that you choose is going to be largely dependent upon your personal preferences but in many instances, it serves an important purpose. Of course, those with bigger hands are going to require more tape.

Hand wraps tend to come in a range of sizes which allow you to select the best length according to the size of your hands.

It is important to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of available as this will allow you to wrap the material around your hands multiple times so that all of the key regions of your hand are properly protected.

The Brand

While the brand may not be important to some, to others it is a valuable consideration. There are many different brands available, however, it is important to ensure that your wrap is of the highest quality.

You will find that many reputable brands are known for producing high-quality products. For this reason, some may wish to purchase a product that is manufactured by this brand so that you are confident in its quality.

Despite this, they are many brands available that are less known, however, they still produce products of an excellent standard.

The Cost

Hand wraps tend to be pretty affordable purchases with there being many options available that retail within a lower price range.

Of course, some options are more expensive such as those that are manufactured by a particular brand, however, on the whole, they tend to be a very affordable purchase.

It is important to ensure that you don't compromise on the quality for the price as this may affect the effectiveness of the hand wrap. We have reviewed a variety in our guide above to highlight the different options that are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wraps essential for boxing?

Regardless of the type of boxing that you engage in, it is important to ensure that your hands are sufficiently protected and supported using hand wraps as this will help to avoid injury.

You should apply the wrap to your hands before putting your boxing gloves on.

What will happen if wraps aren't worn for boxing?

Failure to wear wraps while you are boxing can result in bleeding knuckles or fists as your hands are more likely to move around inside your boxing gloves.

Wearing hand wraps is likely to achieve sharper and crisper hits as your hands are more effectively supported.

How do boxers wrap their hands for boxing?

Boxing wraps typically tend to come with a velcro adhesive or tape that allows you to secure the wrap once it has been wrapped around your hands.

It is important to ensure that the wrap isn't too restricting as this may affect your ability to move your hands freely.

Are hand wraps or boxing gloves better?

You will need both before attempting to participate in boxing as both serve their own purposes.

A wrap is worn to support your hands by ensuring that your knuckles, bones, and tendons are secured together.

However, boxing gloves are worn to reduce the impact of a hit that is felt on your hands. 

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