Why Do Boxers Wear Gloves?

If you look closely at most types of combat sports, there are usually some form of gloves involved. There are lots of different types of gloves that are useful for a variety of purposes, but boxing gloves are probably the most recognizable types of sporting gloves.

One of the main reasons that gloves are used is to offer protection, and without them, there could be some painful consequences.

There are some people that disagree with boxing gloves, and they think that they shouldn’t be worn, but ultimately, they are there for safety reasons.

To help you better understand why boxers wear gloves, we are going to explain why wearing boxing gloves is important and the reasoning behind the rules.

These rules wouldn’t have been put in place without good reason, and interestingly, boxing gloves were not always worn by those taking part in the sport. 

The History of Boxing Gloves

As we have previously mentioned, boxers didn’t always wear gloves when the sport first came around.

They were introduced later on as a safety measure, and the style of gloves that we see boxers wear today was introduced in England during the eighteenth century. This is also around the same time that boxing started to gain recognition as a sport, and it started to grow in popularity. 

It started as a general rule that boxing gloves should be worn for training purposes, but during real matches, the gloves came off, and people would fight with their bare hands.

However, towards the late eighteenth century, the Queensbury Rules were established, and boxing gloves became a requirement. These are the rules that boxing is based upon today.

It was these rules that helped to change the perception of boxing, and instead of the brutal game that it once was, it has now evolved into a widely recognized sport.

Why Do Boxers Wear Gloves?

The main reason that boxers wear gloves is to protect their hands from injuries. Hand injuries are extremely common among combat sports, including boxing, even when gloves are being used.

So you can only imagine the number of injuries that happened when gloves were not being used at all. 

For anyone who has seen boxing that takes place without the use of gloves, you would know that the consequences can be terrible.

Boxers that take part in bare-knuckle boxing are only allowed to wrap up their wrists and thumbs, and just as the title suggests, they have to keep their knuckles bare. This offers very little protection, and it is known that those who take part break parts of their hands during most fights. 

The skull is made up of really dense and strong bones to be able to protect the brain, in comparison to the smaller and more fragile bones in your hands that are designed for simpler tasks like writing and gripping.

The reason that boxers are more likely to injure their hands is that the bones in the hands are no match to those in the skull, and direct and forceful contact will cause injury. This is why those that take part in combat sports are required to wrap their hands and wear gloves.

What Protection do Boxing Gloves Offer?

If you form a fist and punch a strong object, your hands will receive the shock from the impact, especially the knuckles.

The gloves provide an extra layer of padding that will soften the blow and reduce the shock. This means that your knuckles won’t be taking the full force of the impact, as it is spread across the surface of the glove, lowering the intensity. 

Wearing boxing gloves will allow you to pack a heavier punch, but your punching speed will be decreased. The impact of the force of punching is known as momentum, which is very important in boxing.

Without wearing gloves, the momentum will be higher, and the punch can result in a heavy amount of damage to your opponent. Gloves can help to protect your opponent from serious injury to some extent.

Boxing gloves can also offer wrist support. The momentum of a punch can cause as much injury to you as your opponent if you are not protected. Gloves will protect you from the impact, and help to prevent wrist injuries that will take a long time to recover from, and can even potentially end your career in boxing. The gloves help to give your wrists extra stability to withstand the shock, which can help to avoid strain and injury.

Protecting the joints in your fingers is also really important and gloves help to do this by providing a cushion. Finger joints are really vulnerable to the shock that incurs by punching, and the impact could have a very negative impact on these joints. The gloves will work to offer protection by evenly distributing the shock from impact. 

It is common knowledge that throwing punches can lead to serious injuries and bleeding. Blood loss will be much more likely if the boxers are not wearing gloves because the force is increased and there is more direct contact concentrated on one area.

When a boxer wears gloves, the impact is spread out over a wider surface area, and is less likely to cause severe cuts and bleeding. This also means that the recovery time will be much less after a match as the injuries won’t take as long to heal.

Is Boxing With Gloves on Safe?

While gloves are probably the best way to prevent major injuries in boxing and other combat sports, they do not guarantee that the sport is safe to take part in.

Even if you are wearing gloves while boxing, there is still a high amount of risk involved with the sport. There is also an increased risk of brain damage involved with being punched in the head.

Gloves might allow the boxers to protect themselves, but it also allows them to use more force, creating a more significant impact. This will increase the risk of head and brain injuries. 

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