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Unbendable Arm

The classic (yet always impressive) Cool Ki Trick.(Don’t miss out on our strange interactive demo of this Cool Ki Trick! Download the Shockwave plug-in to see it.)What Happens.Someone tries to bend your arm when it’s stiff, and succeeds. But when your arm is very relaxed, it becomes impossible to bend. This feels very strange. And …

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One Point

Of the four principles in Aikido Kokikai, one-point is the one that is most likely to seem mysterious. After all, we tell people that if you concentrate your mind on this elusive place, you will be able to coordinate your mind and body and find your strongest state. How could there not be some kind …

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Aikido Kokikai

This site was created by Aikido Kokikai of Rochester, which is located in Rochester, New York, USA. We’d love to have you come practice with us. For as much as we hope this site will be valuable in helping you to understand the principles behind our art, there is no substitute for actually practicing Aikido. …

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Cool Ki Tricks

The best thing about mind/body training is how it makes you feel inside. But maybe the second best thing is, it lets you do impressive stuff you couldn’t do otherwise. Like make it impossible for someone much bigger than yourself to bend your arm. Or make your body feel so heavy that two people can’t …

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Ki Exercises

WHAT ARE KI EXERCISES?There is a lot of discussion about ki, as though it is some kind of mysterious force. But actually, everyone has experienced ki in their life. And we can all learn to increase our ki power.Ki can be thought of as positive thinking, belief in yourself, faith, confidence, or a state of …

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Correct Posture

I remember thinking as a first grader that sitting up straight was somehow an important thing for me to be doing. At the time, it was primarily a matter of what I thought the teacher expected of us kids. But now, after practicing Aikido Kokikai for a number of years, I’ve realized that correct posture …

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