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Best Grip Trainer

With everything we do, nine times out of ten our hands are involved. The only problem? We do very little to train them and keep them strong.

Believe it or not, grip strength is very important to your overall physique, and whether you’re a boxer or regular gym-goer, there’s no doubt you’d benefit from some improved grip strength.  

This is because you have two opposing muscles in your arms, which are the flexors and extensors. As your hands are constantly using them every day, it’s a good idea that you engage both muscles in a regular workout to keep them strong and able. 

This is where grip trainers come in. Grip trainers are used to help strengthen your hands, forearms, and wrists. With regular use, you’ll find that you will have drastically improved performance in terms of hitting, throwing, pulling, and pushing. 

As far as grip trainers go, there’s plenty on the market, so it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you, which is why we’re here to help you out!

In this article, you’ll find five of the best grip trainers currently available to purchase, as well as a helpful buying guide section that will help you make the right choice. Let’s begin. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick:

If you’re pinched for time and looking for a reliable recommendation that you can count on, turn your attention to the BASIC CONCEPTS Grip Strength Trainer.

Besides being a longstanding bestseller, this super affordable grip trainer will be able to target all of your main finger, hand, and forearm muscles in one go, and the best part?

It’s extremely small and convenient, so you can chuck it in your gym bag for use before or after a weight training session.

Whether you’re training to become a pro boxer or simply want to improve your weight lifting game, this budget-friendly trainer won’t disappoint - we highly recommend it, and so do the thousands of five-star reviews! 


If you’re looking for premium quality at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the Basic Concepts Grip Strength Trainer. 

The easiest way to improve your grip strength, the Basic Concepts Grip Strength Trainer is your one-stop shop to better grip.

Its innovative design will be able to target all of your major finger, hand, and forearm muscles in one go, while the sturdy design ensures that you’ll be able to regularly use it without any breakage or need for a replacement.

Plus, for convenience, Basic Concepts has specifically designed this grip trainer to be small and portable.

This means that the compact design of this exercise will be able to slot itself neatly into any gym or boxing bag with ease, allowing you to enjoy a training session whenever you want, whether that be right before a weight lifting session, a boxing session, or even ringside preparing for a fight! 

This grip trainer is also low maintenance and requires almost no set-up. It features a universal design that will fit all hand shapes, while its adjustable resistance range means that you can tailor the tension according to your strength. 

If that hasn’t impressed you, this trainer grip also comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA, so if you have any issues you can contact Basic Concepts at any time for a refund or replacement.

It’s an ideal choice for beginners just starting out with a grip trainer. 


  • Affordable, ideal for those on a budget
  • Ergonomic, non-slip design
  • Universal fit


  • It might be too basic for experienced grip users


If you want a grip trainer that will be able to help you track your progress, then we think you’ll love the KDG Hand Grip Strengthener. 

Unlike other grip trainers on the market, the KDG Hand Grip Strengthener features a built-in smart counter.

This feature means that the grip trainer will be able to record the number of times you squeezed the grip, which will allow you to better track your progress and training results. 

To activate the counter, all you’ll need to do is press the button to switch the counter on, and then the counter will begin to automatically start working when you start the session.

This grip trainer also features adjustable resistance from 10-130lbs, which will allow you to tailor the tension to suit your strength level. 

Plus, ideal for athletes of all levels, the KDG Hand Grip Strengthener will be able to improve the overall power and flexibility of the forearm, wrists, and fingers, all the while working to effectively improve your grip strength.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, this grip trainer is also suitable for those with arthritis, or those currently working through a stress-injury. 

Not only that, but offering excellent value for money, this trainer by KDG comes in a pack of two, which means that you can either decide to train both hands at the same time or leave one in your gym locker or at the boxing gym for convenient grip training whenever, wherever you are.


  • Pack of 2
  • Smart counter


  • Tension grip marking is not clear


If you’re looking to purchase your very first grip trainer, a good option to consider is the GD Premium Hand Grip Exerciser as it offers a light to medium grip. 

Created in 2001, GD was the first company in the world to create an adjustable hand gripper.

Since then, GD has paved new ways and created new designs in the grip trainer industry, and the GD Premium Hand Grip Exerciser is a shining example of their industry knowledge and craftsmanship.

Made with convenience in mind, the resistance of this grip trainer can be adjusted to from anywhere between 29lbs to 90lbs depending on your own strength and how much you want to push yourself.

You can also adjust the width of the handles to suit your unique hand size, which will ensure optimum comfortability. 

When in use, this grip trainer will operate without making any noise, which means that you can use it just about anywhere you like, including in the office.

This is all thanks to its high-strength compressing spring and high-quality durable engineering plastic and stainless steel construction. 

Its handle features a unique grip design that will ensure no slipping (no matter how much you sweat) while its portable design means that you can throw it into your gym, work, or boxing bag with ease.

It’s a great choice for someone wanting to buy their first grip trainer. 


  • Adjustable resistance ranges from 13-45kg
  • Portable and convenient design
  • Ideal for athletes of all ages


  • Some find that it can break easily


Next up on our list, we have selected the Logest Metal Hand Grip Set.

Offering a slight alternative to other types of grip trainers on the market, these are made of metal and come in a set of three, so they would make an ideal gift.  

Crafted using the strongest alloy steel construction, you can be sure that this finger grip set will serve you extremely well throughout the years.

They feature near-indestructible aluminum handles that are rugged yet lightweight and will feel smooth on your hands, all the while ensuring you get a great workout. 

Created to specifically target the hands, forearms, wrists, and fingers, these hand grips will provide you with an easy way to build up your overall arm strength, while ensuring that you achieve an enhanced grip, too. 

The best part about this set is that as your strength builds up, you will be able to switch to the heavier weights included in the set, making them a great cost-effective choice, as you won’t have to worry about purchasing extra as your tension capacity increases. 

Not just that, but unlike other types of workout equipment, these feature a portable design that will allow you to use your grips as and when needed - whether that be at the gym, at home, or during your training sessions. 


  • Set of varying weights
  • Ideal gift
  • Durable construction


  • Slippery when wet


To offer you a slight alternative to consider, last up we have selected the DMoose Forearm, Wrist, and Hand Exerciser, which incorporates the use of weight plates into its design. 

Specifically made with athletes in mind, this innovative forearm exerciser has been designed to effectively improve grip strength, all the while creating stronger, leaner muscles with progressive plate training that can be tailored in accordance with your fitness and strength level.

With regular use, the wrist and forearm developer will be able to help you achieve shredded forearms and a stronger grip.

It can also be used in a variety of different ways in order to enhance your training regimen and target multiple muscles. 

For instance, you can keep your weights balanced off the ground between spins, or you can lift the weights directly up off of the floor. 

In addition to that, the DMoose Forearm, Wrist, and Hand Exerciser feature a stainless-steel bar positioned just underneath the non-slip handle that won’t break or bend, even with added weights. 

This grip trainer features a strong, well-built handle and an ideal cord length that has the ability to support multiple weight plates at once, which will allow you to customize the amount of resistance you would like in order to achieve gains and reduce hand strain. 

Plus, thanks to its comfortable grip, the wrist roller and forearm workout has a non-slip, durable grip that will be even to withstand even the most sweaty and grueling of workouts.

With every forward and backward rotation, you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be in total control, which makes it ideal for a home gym. 


  • Ideal for boxers and other types of athletes
  • Suitable for a home gym
  • Strong, sturdy design with a well-balanced handle


  • Not overly portable

Best Grip Trainer Buying Guide

How to choose the correct grip trainer for you

Check the resistance level

The resistance level is the most important part to get right. This is because if you select a grip trainer that you can’t properly pull, then it will be useless and you won’t see any results.

However, if you happen to select a trainer that is too light, then you won’t make any gains!

If you’re just starting out, then we recommend going for a light-to-medium tension, and then slowly making your way up as you build muscle. 

Do you want it adjustable or fixed?

Here’s another important factor you’ll have to make a decision on before you make a purchase. Fixed-tension grip trainers are permanently set at a certain level of resistance, and you can’t change it.

This means that, as soon as you have outgrown the resistance and you’re ready to increase it, you’re going to have to purchase another one with a higher resistance level.

Though this is the most costly option, if you’re serious about making gains, then these types of trainers are the best as they are usually a higher-quality and help to train/build muscles better. 

On the other hand, adjustable grip trainers can be customized to suit different tension levels and hand shapes. They offer plenty of resistance range, which means that they can be tailored to suit beginners and experienced users.

However, though these types of trainers are more affordable and adjustable, they are often more cheaply made and can break easily.

Nevertheless, they’re an ideal choice for beginners looking to get into grip training. 

The type of grip trainers

Another factor is deciding which kind of trainer you’d like. Keep reading for a breakdown of the three most common types on the market:

  • Coil trainers - Coil trainers are usually built around a coil of metal. When you grip the trainer, the coil tightens, which is able to return the trainer to the original position upon release. These are easily the most popular types available on the market right now. 
  • Articulated trainers - Articulated strengtheners, on the other hand, will allow each finger to be effectively squeezed together individually. These types of trainers are built around springs, and these springs are able to separate the contact patches away from the central platform. By doing so, each finger is worked individually, all at the same time. 
  • Spring-based trainers - The last kind of trainers we’re going to cover are spring-based trainers. These types of grip trainers are able to help improve your hand strength by using tension and spring length in order to make each ‘squeeze’ strenuous and challenging. This makes them ideal for experienced users of trainer grips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a grip trainer?

In a nutshell, a grip trainer (which is sometimes referred to as a strength trainer) is a type of handheld equipment that has been specifically designed to help develop finger, wrist, forearm, and grip strength.

However, there are a few types of grip trainers currently available on the market:

  • Hand strengthener ball - This is a ball/egg-shaped design that is made from rubber or another kind of ‘squeezy’ material. They work by squeezing the ball repeatedly between the palms.
  • Spring hand grip trainer - This type of grip trainer is made with a spring mechanism, and it works by squeezing the handles together in order to simultaneously work the wrist and hand muscles. 
  • Finger grip trainer - This design usually comes in a ‘glove’ design that works by stretching the fingers with weight resistance. 

How do you use a grip trainer?

Grip trainers are pretty simple to use, although it will differ depending on the kind of grip trainer you are using. However, the hand strengthener balls are by far the easiest to use as all you’ll need to do is squeeze them between the palms of your hands.

Other kinds, such as the finger grip trainers, are a little harder as they have a slightly more complicated design, and they are a little more strenuous, too!

However, if you happen to get stuck on how to properly use the grip trainer you purchase, we recommend checking out the instructions manual or watching a tutorial video on Youtube. 

How often do you use a grip trainer?

Ultimately, how many times you choose to use your grip trainer will be entirely up to you and your goals. If you are looking to really strengthen your grip, then you’ll likely find that you have to use your trainer at least once a day.

However, if you have recently had surgery or are currently recovering from an injury, you might want to space out your usage over a few days so that you don’t push your muscles or cause any strains. 

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