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Best Boxing Equipment

Boxing is a sport that is fast-paced, energetic, and competitive. It’s also great for improving your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and agility.

The great boxer Mohammed Ali once said that the boxing match is won or lost “far away from witnesses” - hinting that it’s your training, determination, and mindset that will ultimately win or lose you a fight. 

While a lot of your ability to box comes from natural talent and the rest from a whole lot of hard work, you can certainly enhance your performance through the use of good quality equipment.

Having boxing equipment that will help build skills you can later transfer to the ring will help you reach your full boxing potential.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the best boxing equipment on the current market, ranging from gloves to bags, to mouth guards. 

We’ll then take a closer look at what you need to consider when purchasing boxing equipment, as well as some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the web.

By the end of this article, not only will you have found some great boxing equipment, but you should also be ready to make a well-informed purchasing decision.


Boxing gloves are essential, so it makes sense that these Everlast “pro-style” training gloves appear at the top of our list.

Everlast has been making quality boxing equipment since 1910 and is the go-to brand for amateurs and professionals alike.

Their “pro-style” gloves have Everlast’s patented Thumb-Lok feature to keep your hands padded and protected when sparring.

The curved shape has been anatomically designed for optimal grip and fit, while the wrap-around hook and loop strap closure ensures the gloves stay tight and secure. 

The Everlast treatment on these gloves prevents offensive odors, while the full mesh palm wicks away moisture and allows maximum comfort and breathability.

They also have an antimicrobial treatment that fights not only odors but keeps bacterial growth at bay, too.

Constructed from premium synthetic leather, these gloves provide a natural fit that conforms to the hand shape, whilst their superior construction ensures maximum durability. 


  • Thumb-Lok patented design 
  • Curved shape for optimal grip and fit 
  • Wrap-around hook and loop strap closure 
  • Everlast treatment prevents odors from developing 

Made from synthetic leather for durability and flexibility 

  • Antimicrobial treatment limits bacterial growth
  • Available in 8- or 16-ounce weight sizes


  • Support around the wrist area could be slightly improved 


These Sanabul curved punching mitts are hand molded to fit the natural anatomical curvature of your hands, meaning they provide superior comfort as well as protection.

They’re infused with Santec Ultra Light Foam to absorb even the hardest of punches without weighing you down. Sanabul mitts use half-ball palm grips so the mitts stay in place whilst you’re holding them. 

These mitts are built to endure regular use and the engineered leather resists cracking no matter how hard they’re hit.

The hook and loop strap wrist adjuster helps keep your hands securely positioned even during the sweatiest training sessions. 

Sanabal has designed these mitts to offer a combination of protection and comfort, so you can get the most out of your training sessions - whether you’re punching - or holding - the mitts. 


  • Designed to fit the natural shape of your hands 
  • Infused with foam for cushioning and lightness 
  • Secure fit that stays in place thanks to hook and loop adjuster 
  • Highly durable engineered leather 
  • Super lightweight - mitts together only weigh about 1 lb!


  • You need to train with one other person to use these mitts - so they’re not ideal if you train individually 


If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that will help you train alone, but will still improve reaction time, agility, punching speed, and hand-eye coordination, then this is the product for you.

The Tekxyz boxing reflex ball is perfect for solo training, as it’s completely self-sufficient. Simply strap the headband on and burn body fat the fun way. This is perfect for 15-20 minute work or school breaks or even for the beach and the park.

The ball is light, soft, and safe to use, so you needn’t worry about hitting yourself in the face or hurting your fists, as it’s far softer than a tennis ball.

Tekxyz has designed this training aid with a two-step approach to make it accessible for everyone. The black ball is designed for novices, and once you’ve got the hang of this you can then change to the red ball, which is far more challenging. 

We love the simplicity of this product, and how it provides a great work-out for your entire body, whilst also developing your agility and coordination.

The unpredictability of the rebounding ball, coupled with the intensity of your punches will burn out your arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back, making it perfect for calorie-burning and conditioning. 


  • Simple to use - two-stage approach 
  • Focuses on agility and hand-eye coordination 
  • Improves stamina and burns calories 
  • Perfect if you train alone 
  • Ball has been designed to make it lightweight and pain-free 
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities 
  • Variety of colors/levels available 
  • Affordable


  • The string can be a little weak - worth bearing in mind for heavier punchers.


Any boxer knows that a mouthguard is a boxing essential, as your teeth are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when in the ring.

Whether you spar casually or participate in organized fights, a mouthguard is extremely important. 

Venum’s Challenger mouthguard has been specifically designed to prevent and reduce injuries to your teeth, arches, lips, joints, jaw, and gums.

Made from an advanced gel frame, the Challenger provides ultimate comfort thanks to its added exclusive breathing channel for increased breathability.

The lower rubber frame brakes the shock wave and disperses it in the direction of your strongest teeth for maximum shock protection. 

The Challenger comes in a protective sanitary case and is available in a wide choice of colors.

It’s also designed to custom-fit your mouth and teeth: simply follow Venum’s instructions to boil and fit the mouthguard so that it can be trimmed down to the appropriate size. 


  • Advanced gel frame for comfort and protection 
  • Added breathing channel for increased breathability 
  • Lower rubber frame breaks shock waves and disperses them to the strongest teeth 
  • Tailored fit: simply boil and trim to suit your unique bite size 
  • Range of colors available 
  • Comes with sanitary case


  • Not the most durable 


If reflex trainers and punching balls are not quite enough for you, it might be a good idea to invest in a heavy-bag for your home.

This one from renowned boxing brand Everlast includes everything you need to set up the perfect training space in your house and contains a 70-pound heavy bag, heavy bag gloves, 108-inch hand wraps, and bungee cord. 

You needn’t hold back on this bag, as it’s stuffed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers and blended with sifted sand for maximum weight, durability, and shock absorption.

You can easily customize the height of the bag thanks to the adjustable chain, meaning this bag is ideal for a range of heights. 

The heavy bag gloves and wraps are made out of high-quality synthetic leather with a supportive hook-and-loop wrist strap to ensure your hands are protected against the abrasion of the bag and provided with full cushioning and support, whilst the included bungee cord can be used for adding greater resistance to the bag. 

This bag is great for heavy punching workouts and will improve your stamina, muscle strength, punching speed and technique, and your agility. 


  • Full set: bag, gloves, chain, and bungee included 
  •  the 70lb heavy bag is constructed from super tough and rugged polycanvas material.
  • Specially blended filler provides resilient shock absorbency
  • Bag gloves and wraps are made out of high-quality synthetic leather with a supportive hook-and-loop wrist strap 
  • Ideal for heavy bag workouts and individual training sessions


  • Some people did not receive the full “kit”, just the bag 

Best Boxing Equipment Buying Guide

Basic Equipment  

  • For home training: gloves, punch bag/ball, reflex trainer 
  • For the ring: gloves, boxing shoes, boxing shorts, mouth guard, groin guard


Whether you’re a competitive fighter, or simply train to reap the benefits of boxing, every boxer needs a pair of gloves.

When shopping for the perfect pair of boxing gloves for you, consider the following: 

  • Glove type: the design of the boxing glove depends on the type of training it’s intended for. All-Purpose / Training Gloves are multi-functional and are best for beginners. They’re also good for those who plan on doing a mixture of sparring and bag work, as well as other types of boxing and martial arts, such as Thai Boxing. On the other hand, if you plan on doing more bag work, then bag gloves are your best bet, as these provide a lot more padding and protection.
  • Glove weight: The weight and size of your boxing gloves should be matched to your hand size and overall body weight: 
Boxer’s Weight
  Hand Circumference Without    Wrap
Weight Size
40-54 kg
5.5” - 6.5”
8 oz.
54-68 kg
6.5” - 7.5”
10 oz.
68-84 kg
7.5” - 8.5”
12 oz
84+ kg
8.5” - 9.5”
14 oz.
  • Fit: Your boxing gloves should feel snug but comfortable, with your fingertips grazing the top of the gloves. You should wear hand wraps underneath for added protection, and the gloves should feel secure around the straps but not uncomfortably tight so that it’s difficult to make a fist. 


Your main priority when boxing should always be protecting yourself. This is why it’s essential that if you’re competing you wear gloves that have sufficient padding to protect your fists.

You should also wear a mouth guard to reduce the risk of damage to your teeth and mouth, and if you’re fighting in the ring, you certainly want to consider groin protection too, to ensure that you’re protected against any accidental - or illegal - hits below the belt. 


Any boxing equipment needs to be highly durable, as it’s going to endure a beating!

Gloves should be well-made and equipment such as punch bags should be well-stitched at the seams and made from a quality synthetic material such as polycanvas.

Ensure that you purchase boxing equipment geared towards your boxing level, as otherwise, it might not withstand heavy usage. 


Even though boxing is a sport that is often associated with aggression, it’s highly important that your gloves and mouthguard, as well as any other pieces of clothing or equipment, fit you comfortably and ensure you can perform to your best, otherwise, your performance will be significantly compromised.

For example, your mouthguard should protect all of your teeth and shouldn’t slip down at all, and your gloves should feel snug and secure but also breathable and comfortable. 

Brand and Price

The sports market is crowded with big boxing names like Everlast and Ringside, but the most important thing when purchasing boxing equipment is to ensure that it caters to your budget and your boxing needs.

An expensive price tag doesn’t always equal the best quality, but equally, cheaper equipment can break easily or isn’t the most durable, so it’s a good idea to buy the best quality product within your budget.

The main thing is not to compromise on protective gear such as your gloves and mouthguard, as these are the most important factors and are therefore worth investing money in. 

Lone training

Some people like to box simply for fitness rather than for the competitive aspect, therefore, they need equipment that facilitates lone training. You don’t need to join a gym or boxing club to train, as there’s an array of equipment designed for home training.

For example, a heavy-duty punch bag can be easily installed in your home and offers excellent durability and shock absorption for heavy training sessions where you want to burn fat.

 If you don’t have space for a 70lb punch bag, fear not - you could purchase a punch “ball” instead, as these take up less space and are lighter, or a reflex training tool that functions as a headband can be great for improving your reflexes and hand-eye coordination and is portable and easy to use, too. 

Training with a partner 

If you’re training with a family member, friend, or coach, you can opt for a pair of punching mitts. These provide a target for the attacker to punch, whilst also protecting the hands of the person who is wearing the mitts.

These are great for improving your punching technique and are a bit more challenging than sticking to a punching bag, as you’re not limited to one area, and the person wearing the mitts can move around or mimic another boxing, which will overall improve your reflexes, agility, and help you burn more calories.  

Benefits of Boxing

There are a variety of health and fitness benefits to boxing, whether you choose to fight professionally, or simply like to train by using a punching bag.

Boxing is known to improve:

  • Your stamina and cardiovascular endurance 
  • Your agility 
  • Hand-eye coordination and reflexes 
  • Upper body strength and muscular endurance 
  • Overall fitness and weight control 

Things to bear in mind

  • Always wear the right protective gear, especially when training with others 
  • Wear the right sized gloves for your body weight and hand size 
  • Only train/fight people who are similar in build to you 
  • Take things slowly - start with the basics 
  • Certain equipment is best suited for home or lone training 
  • Don’t train with injuries 

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need for boxing?

This largely depends on the type of boxing you wish to do, and whether you’re doing it in your basement or garage, or whether you hope to compete in the ring.

For competitive boxing, you’ll need gloves, boxing shorts, boxing boots or shoes, a mouthguard, and a groin cup, too. If you’re intending to box at home and just want to train, you’ll need boxing gloves and a target to hit.

The most popular are punch bags or punch balls, but you could alternatively get a reflex ball if you don’t have the space for these.

What is the best boxing equipment brand? 

Everlast is one of the best-known boxing brands and has been manufacturing boxing gear since the early 20th century. However, the truth is that the best boxing brand largely depends on what you’re looking for, and your boxing experience and level.

For example, some of the cheaper brands may not be durable enough for professional boxers but will do just fine for amateur boxers.

Generally, alongside Everlast, Ringside and Venum are big names, as well as Sanabul and Cleto Reyes. Ultimately though, try to look past the brand and identify the best-suited products for your budget and needs. 

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