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This site was created by Aikido Kokikai of Rochester, which is located in Rochester, New York, USA. We'd love to have you come practice with us. For as much as we hope this site will be valuable in helping you to understand the principles behind our art, there is no substitute for actually practicing Aikido. Find out more about Aikido Kokikai, and the Rochester dojo.
So how do you get started? Click on any of the links above. But Basics might be the best place to start. There, you'll learn of the four basic principles that are the key to feeling good and getting better results in your life. After that, maybe try a few Ki Exercises for getting your mind and body working together.

Want to skip over all this "learning" stuff and just play a fun game? Check out The Seven Samurai (Minus Three). They may pull their swords and try to kill you. Or they may just pull out a rubber chicken. It doesn't get more authentic than this! Special thanks to Jo Kotarski for character design and animation.

Aikido principles apply to pretty much everything. Like, say, basketball. Read what teacher, basketball coach, and Aikido black belt Paul Lahue has to say about applying Aikido to his sport.
Body/Mind training doesn't just feel good. It lets you do weird stuff that impresses your friends and is hard to explain. Like make your very relaxed arm very hard to bend. So if you're in the mood for learning things that make you seem slightly superhuman, check out our Cool Ki Tricks section.

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