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Read what some of our students have to say about their experience with Kokikai Aikido and our Rochester Dojo.

Alan Tamayo, Nidan, practicing since 2005
"I practice Kokikai Aikido because it helps and teaches me to relax.  My practice of Aikido is a personal journey.  It challenges me to develop a better understanding of “one point” and "correct feeling" and it regularly reminds me that expanding my scope of knowledge of Aikido has no limits.  Every time I practice I have an opportunity to learn something new or gain new or different perspective.  The level and type of instruction I receive from Sensei, my instructors, and fellow aikidoka inspire me and keep me motivated.  It is the multifaceted aspects of Aikido that I find fascinating and it is why I continue to practice.  Its greatest benefit is its application off the mat and in my daily life."

Brian Martens, Yondan, practicing since 1995
"My wife and I started with Aikido Kokikai of Rochester in 1995 through its program with RIT.  As of now, that was almost 19 years ago.  From a martial perspective, Aikido was an answer to a question that plagued me since I started studying martial arts at the age of 10.  I finally had a variable response to meet all situations from a guy who had a little too much to drink at a party to a real life or death situation with multiple assailants.  From an instructional perspective, the Rochester dojo has held a tradition and blessing of having several senior ranked instructors that thought differently and therefore taught differently.  Everyone learns a little differently and so many schools have only one instructor where things are taught only one way from one perspective.  At AKR, odds are you can find a teacher that speaks best to how you think and learn...

...I not only found a way of life, but a second home and extended family here.  If you are at all interested in self defense and something that will positively impact every corner of your life, go check it out.  AKR is not run as a for-profit organization.  All the instructors teach on a volunteer basis because they love and believe in the art and it shows."

Judy Warner, Rokudan, practicing since 1986
"So, I have been with the club since 1986.  For 25 years, I worked with author, Thomas Crum, applying training and metaphors from the art of aikido in business and community workshops to teach people how to stay calm under pressure and resolve conflicts effectively.  In aikido, you work with the other person's energy to resolve an attack. Kokikai Aikido provides the student with a 'workbox' of techniques and movements to use under pressure.  It also teaches the student how to remain calm enough to use techniques effectively.  The heightened awareness and focus that the student develops from practice can benefit them in both physical confrontation and in everyday life.  I have watched many people begin training in our dojo.  Many have moved out of Rochester and continued practice.  Others are still practicing with the club. There is always more that you can learn from practicing Kokikai Aikido…..but first you have take that first step on to the mat."

Timur Akhunov, Shodan, practicing with Rochester since 2013
"I have been practicing with this dojo since August 2013 after moving from Chicago.  I never thought I would get involved in a martial art, but Aikido Kokikai got me hooked.  It keeps me in good shape, being able to defend myself and practice with happy and committed people without bruises and injuries.  It's awesome to jump into a big forward roll or fall safely.  I continue to be fascinated how with continued practice a person of any gender or body type can be strong and powerful at self defense.  I also enjoy being able to prevent the attacker (or attackers) without injuring him/her/them.

Onto practical issues.  The club (dojo) has a huge dedicated space that has classes 6 days a week (I attend 2-3 times).  One of the walls has giant westward windows and it awesome to practice as the sun sets.  The cost is $60* per month with discounts for students, families and prepayments.  I didn't have to pay for the first few classes before I decided I am in.  Moreover, the club has a first 3 month special for $120.*"

*dues updated 01/2016

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